Hosted vs Desktop Accounting Software Deployment – What is the difference?

Whether you are choosing a new accounting system or adjusting to changing business needs, the actual deployment options (how will the software be accessed) are important.

For example, installing the software on your local network with the desktop application or having the application hosted on a remote server can offer very different experiences.

So, what are the biggest differences between hosted vs desktop?

At a basic level, a desktop accounting application means that the program will run on your computer (PC or Mac) and data accessed from the server on your local network. A hosted accounting application means the program is installed on a remote server and is accessed anywhere that a user has internet access.

Although every company is unique, here are some common reasons for choosing desktop vs hosted deployments:

Why Choose local Desktop Accounting Software Deployment?

  • Rich feature set evolved over many years of experience and development
  • License and application ownership
  • Ability to control the user experience and access on the local network
  • Control when/if software updates are installed
  • Accounting professionals, internal or external, are familiar with it and can easily navigate through the program

Why Choose a Hosted Accounting Software Deployment?

  • Rich feature set evolved over many years of experience and development
  • No server infrastructure or desktop application required
  • Savings in external IT costs – no need to outsource
  • Access anytime from anywhere with internet
  • License and application ownership (required for Connected on Demand)
  • Ability to control the user experience by remotely managing accounts, login names, passwords, and file access
  • Software updates are installed automatically with little or no user intervention required
  • Accounting professionals, internal or external, can access data from remote locations and work directly with your company

The decision between desktop versus hosted accounting software deployment depends on the preference and needs of each individual company. It is important to understand the pricing and each deployment option along with the application feature set before making a decision.

The Connected Accounting and ERP software can be deployed in either a hosted or traditional desktop model. Since our clients own their licensing, they can move from one deployment to the other, and they will always own their data and application to access it.

Learn more about our Connected on Demand hosting program to see how your business can be free from the “cloud trap” by controlling how, when, and where your software is deployed.

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