Top Reasons to consider Connected Accounting & ERP Software for your small to mid sized clients:

  1. Connected is developed and supported in North America by a company that has over 25 years of history supporting growing businesses in a variety of industries.
  2. Connected offers both desktop and hosted deployments. We are committed to both the desktop and hosted platforms so your clients won’t be forced to unwanted cloud solutions.
  3. Connected is a multi-user and fully cross platform, which allows Mac and PC’s to work together at the same time. Identical features and information can be shared – great for Mac based businesses with accounting departments where PC’s rule.
  4. Flexible Pricing options. Your clients aren’t forced to buy five user blocks to get the advanced functionality Connected offers.
  5. We offer custom programming services enabling us to tailor Connected to your client’s unique needs. We’ll even help with data conversion from an existing system.
  6. Online training sessions from initial set up consultations, general training courses, or specific workflow review. You and your client’s staff can be at home, in the office or many different locations.
  7. A free copy of Connected for every accountant or bookkeeper – when your client is a registered user we will give you a free copy of Connected and don’t worry, you can review their data on either your Mac or PC. Connected also integrates to Caseware TM, saving you time at year end.