Connected 8.3 is here and it is an amazing release. For a full list of Connected 8.3’s new features click the button below. For prior releases, follow the links lower on the page.

How do I order? Click here and complete the order form by selecting version 8.3 as the requested version.

How much does it cost? If you are already using Connected 8, the update is FREE with your support contract. If you are using older version licenses contact us for pricing.

All Connected Releases:

CONNECTED 8.3 – MAY 2018

CONNECTED 8.2 – NOV 2017

CONNECTED 8.1 – NOV 2016

CONNECTED 8.0 – NOV 2015

CONNECTED 7.3 – NOV 2014

CONNECTED 7.2 – NOV 2013

CONNECTED 7.1 – NOV 2012

CONNECTED 7.0 – JAN 2012


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