Training is an integral part of your new accounting system. Accountek offers a variety of online training sessions through WebEx. We offer a unique live one on one approach so that we are training with your specific company needs in mind. We can train your staff when they are at home, in the office, or when multiple staff are in different locations.

Whether it is an individual training course or a block of training hours you need over a period of time to train all of your staff, we will tailor each session to your company. From initial set up consultations, general training courses, or specific workflow reviews, our expert instructors can help make your business even more efficient with Connected.

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  • This course focuses on initial set up training.

  • Trainer will help with GL account set up as required.

  • Trainer can remote access into your system and walk through a step by step process of setting up Connected.

  • Trainer can help with the set up of applicable defaults for your organization within Connected for all modules.

  • The course will briefly give a general overview of all modules (if you have inventory or job costing modules it is recommended that you also take the module training course).

  • Inventory Control focuses specifically on how the inventory part of the program works on its own and how it relates to other modules. Some of the topics covered: Setup, Costing Methods, Inventory Year End Count/Import, Custom Pricing, Manufacturing, and Purchasing.

  • Job Costing focuses specifically on how the module works on its own and how it integrates with other parts of the program. This course is offered to aid clients in fully utilizing their module to the best effect for their business.

  • This course is perfect for a company that has hired a new employee who is not familiar with Connected.

  • Receive a general overview of maneuvering in Connected. Using find/browse commands, running reports, entering data, sorting screen information, and pop-up lists.

  • Upon direction the trainer will focus on the areas of most importance to that employee.

  • Change field formats with formulas, add line numbers, learn simple calculations and other formatting options.

  • Use blank forms to create cover sheets and other non standard documents based on information available within an existing form.

  • Learn how to use the Adhoc Report Writer to do simple data exports.

  • Learn how to select, query, sort, and format fields for data export.

  • Year End Closing procedures. Includes discussion on data purging, A/R and A/P reconciliation, and a year end close check list.

  • Learn how to use multiple currencies in Connected. Includes many practical examples.

  • 2 sessions with second session at 30% discount. These can either be run back to back or 2nd training session can be booked on another date.

  • Need help with setting up your new company data file - we can help. Our instructor will go through all settings and other applicable screens to ensure that your Connected data file has been setup to best fit your company needs.

  • We can help customize forms for you and align checks for printing.

  • Need a Customization? Have a consultant review your business operation within Connected to assess whether a customized solution will work for you business.

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