Connected Accounting and ERP Software integrates with multiple payroll solutions.  With an easy to set up payroll import that supports custom field mapping, your payroll can be imported in a variety of layouts.

Payroll is specific to businesses requirements and Connected allows you to work with your current payroll software or choose from some of our recommended partners.



·   EasyPay – is a desktop payroll software solution for PC.

·   Pay your employees by cheque or by direct deposit.

·   There is no limit on the number of employees and companies. Easypay allows any combination of hourly, salaried, and commissioned employees. Weekly, biweekly, semi-monthly, monthly, ten and thirteen pays per period are supported.

·   Advanced General Ledger import into Connected with multiple income types and departmental support

·   The pricing and demo can be found on their website




·   Payment Evolution – easy to use interface and online access from anywhere

·   Pay your employees by cheque or by direct deposit.

·   Basic General Ledger journal entry import in Connected Accounting & ERP Software.

·   The annual fee for Payment Evolution in 2019 is $359, if purchased through directly through Accountek.  In addition to accessing the payroll service, this fee entitles you to 1hr of technical support by Accountek Solutions during the 2019 year.

The following items are not included in the annual service fee:

·   Account set up fee is a 1 hour minimum charge, based on time spent

·   Direct Deposit Bank Account Setup

·   Direct Deposit Payment Fees

·   Direct Deposit NSF/Incorrect Account



Canadian companies looking for a trusted online payroll services provider can rely on ADP and its professional-grade solution, TeamPay by ADP, built specifically for small businesses.

·   Accountek has worked closely with ADP Canada to review and certify this payroll solution as compatible with the Connected Accounting and ERP software.

·   Payroll entries can be transferred to the Connected general ledger via export/import from ADP’s flexible GLI interface.

·   Pricing can be obtained directly from ADP.

Connected Online Payroll Services

Connected Online Payroll, is a simple, affordable, online alternative to expensive payroll services or payroll software.  Just enter, review, and approve your company payroll online anywhere, anytime — we take care of everything else.  Connected Online Payroll us available for customers in the United States only.

video Click to watch a guided tour of Connected Online Payroll

Are you tired of printing checks, doing manual government filings, and applying constant updates to your traditional desktop payroll software?

Are you paying your CPA to do your payroll and/or quarterly filings?

Are you using one of the traditional and very expensive payroll services?

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With Run Payroll from Connected Accounting you will:

·   Save you up to 1/3rd or more compared to traditional payroll models or using your CPA.

·   Give you peace of mind with Payroll Preview, so you know it’s accurate.

·   Provide you instant access to your payroll reports online

·   Ensure you have the help you need with unlimited general support from RunPayroll – with friendly U.S. based payroll experts and comprehensive online help. Custom support options are also available from Connected Accounting.

·   Help your employees cut down on bank trips with free direct deposit.

·   Upload your payroll into Connected Accounting from the cloud using Connected’s customizable the Payroll Import feature

Thanks to these unbeatable features:

·   Automatic calculations and deductions for each paycheck – for W2 and 1099 employees.

·   One-Click™ Payroll time-saving technology plus the ability to adjust employee hours and pay rates each pay period.

·   Full-service federal, state and local payroll tax payment and filing.

·   Unlimited general support from RunPayroll U.S.-based payroll experts. Optional custom support from Connected staff when you need it.

·   Automatic new hire reporting and access to labor law posters, business forms, and HR how-to guides.

·   Direct deposit or print manual checks.

·   Emails notifying employees they’ve been paid.

·   Secure online access to employees individual pay stubs and payroll history.

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