Connected is designed as a business accounting and ERP software to meet the needs of growing companies. Used primarily in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom, Connected provides a powerful accounting business solution for Mac and/or PC users or a hosted cloud. By focusing on the accounting software demands of small to mid-sized business, Connected provides the needed sophistication to manage your entire organization. With inventory control abilities that support, full lot control traceability, distributors and light manufacturers can find the perfect mix of value and sophistication.



With Connected's true multi-user and concurrent cross-platform (PC and Mac) abilities, your business will function with an ease that you never thought possible. Never worry again when integrating PC’s or Mac’s in the customer service or accounting departments where PC's typically rule. Your PC users, including an outside accountant, can use Connected on a Windows computer at the same time as your Mac users, with identical features and information shared. Our first class business accounting software makes it easy for everyone to stay Connected.



The Connected team is committed to your success. We believe that a pain free implementation is the most important part of your new accounting system and have a wide range of services to help you during your transition to Connected. Our exclusive custom programming services allows our team to tailor a Connected solution to meet your company's unique needs. With easy access to training, we can also ensure that your team is ready to utilize their new accounting system to its fullest potential.



Watch this short demo video to see what Connnected can do for your business.

laptop displaying Connected Software report


  • "The folks at Accountek have been great to work with. They have been very helpful and responsive to suggestions about new features. We are definitely in a position to continue growing and value Connected as an essential component to our business."
    Rob Weinhoff, Director of Chicago Coding Systems Inc (CCS)
  • "After 14 months of use I have concluded that this was my best choice. Connected, with the inventory module for my wholesale business, has proven to be a thoroughly competent manager of receivables, payables and inventory."
    Dave Koenig, owner of DC Battery
  • "Up-to-date project costs, reduced duplication of data entry, and improved reporting ability have greatly increased our understanding of our business, and the large amount of customization we were able to complete helped to create a truly enterprise-wide job costing solution."
    Warren Clayton, VP Finance at Davis Designs

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