• Connected Accounting and ERP Software

    Learn more about the Connected Accounting and ERP software with this brief information video.

  • Processing Credit Cards in Connected

    This video is the recording of a training session for the setup and processing of customer credit cards in Connected.

    In this video:
    • Setup Card Processing.
    • Card Processing and PCI Compliance
    • Performing Transactions
    • Charge a previously used card
    • Manage Customer Cards
    • Emailing or printing payment receipts
  • Connected On Demand

    This video is useful for anyone currently using the Connected desktop application or for those evaluating the Connected software for a hosted deployment.

    In this video:
    • What is “Connected on Demand” and how does it work.
    • How to access Connected on Demand from various platforms (Mac, PC iOS)
    • Admin Tools and User Management
    • Printing, file management, local file access
  • Using Inventory Control with Connected

    Learn how to take advantage of the advanced inventory features available in Connected.

    In this video:
    • Set up different types of inventory
    • Add/edit BOM’s (bills of Materials)
    • Custom Price levels, Price Matrix, and Customer Specific Pricing
    • Managing lot and/or serial controlled items
    • Manufacture inventory by assigning labor, customizing actual usage, and editing BOM’s on the fly
  • Using the Customer Query Window
    In this video:

    The Connected Customer Query window, released in version 7.3. Learn how to quickly sort, filter, query, and export, customer data like never before.

  • Leveraging Your Connected Sales Data
    In this video:

    Learn how to use the Excel to “Subtotals” function to leverage your Connected Accounting and ERP sales data.

  • Customizing Printed Forms
    In this video:

    Learn the basic editing of forms such as customer invoices, packing slips, purchase orders, quotes, checks, and customer orders.

  • Field Level A/R Security for Customers and Sales Screens
    In this video:

    Learn how specific fields within a customer profile can be made read only for certain users.

  • Configure User Access
    In this video:

    Learn how to set user access privileges for each user account in Connected.

  • Using and Linking Files to Transaction Notes
    In this video:

    See how to use the Connected “Notes” feature and also how to attach and link external files to notes.

  • Adding a Signature to a PO
    In this video:

    Use Mac OS Preview to add digital signatures to documents, like Purchase Orders.

  • Connected Data Exchange
    In this video:

    Learn how to auto import and export select data.

  • Batch E-Mail Customer Statements
    In this video:

    This short video demonstrates how to email a batch or group of customer statements using Connected 7.2 on Mac OS 10.9.

  • Form Export/Import
    In this video:

    Export customized forms, such as invoice layouts, and import them into a different Connected data file.

  • Issuing Electronic Payments to Vendors
    In this video:

    This video demonstrates how a business can handle a batch of electronic payments mixed with traditional printed checks.

  • Using Ledger Lookups
    In this video:

    This video shows how to use the lookup list windows in Connected called ledgers. See how to view and take action on Customer Orders, Customer Quotes, Production/Manufacture requests, and Purchase Orders.

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