Connected 8.1 is here and it is an amazing release. Check out this list of great new features to help manage your business.

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How much does it cost? If you are already using Connected 8, the update is FREE with your support contract. If you are using older version licenses contact us for pricing.

  • General

    Connected Messages
    1. New Connected Messages feature to communicate important information about updates, patches, news, and general tips and tricks.
    2. Easy access to old/archived messages from the Connected Help menu and option to hide.

    Other General System-Wide Enhancements
    1. Support for Mac OS Mac OS Sierra (10.12.x)
    2. Updates to the ODB Admin Server App (Mac OS) for Mac OS 10.10, 10.11, and 10.12

  • Credit Card Processing

    BluePay Credit Card Processing
    1. New option to view cards on file (masked view)  and/or remove cards from within the Customers window.
    2. New “Use Customer Default Billing” address option in the charge card window.
    3. New Comments field for internal comments about card.  Comments are not transmitted and are for reference only.

  • General Ledger

    New Financial History Report
    1. Show five years of Income Statement data on a single report for comparison.
    2. Account Import utility to backfill/update five years of account totals.
    Other General Ledger Enhancements
    1. Bank Reconciliation load times optimized on second and subsequent loads of the same reconciliation.
    2. New “Posted Date” column in the G/L Account Activity Ledger.

  • Accounts Receivable
    Sales (Invoices) Ledger
    1. Quickly view a customizable list of posted, unposted, and/or closed invoices.
    2. Sort, drill down, and filter invoice data.
    3. Print or PDF multiple invoices using CTRL or CMND click for selection.
    4. Point, click, and email an invoice from the ledger list.
    5. View, add, edit invoice Notes and file attachments without opening the invoice record.
    6. View invoice record info without opening the invoice record.


    Other Accounts Receivable Enhancements
    1. Packing Slip number field added to Account Invoice.  Field is visible and searchable.
    2. Customer Invoice Analysis Report – New “Summary” report option to condense invoice sales data.
    3. Default email text and subject selected by default when emailing customer invoices.
    4. Customer Aging Report – removed date restriction that blocked report from being backdated outside the fiscal year.
    5. Early Payment Discount Calculation – added option to calculate early payment discounts on the Invoice Subtotal + Freight (no sales taxes) or on the Invoice Total.

  • Accounts Payable

    Accounts Payable
    1. New “Add Payment” Action from the Purchases window.
    2. New PO number field in the Payments (aka Checks) window.  Useful to assign PO number to pre-payments.
    3. Optimization when creating purchase invoices from Purchase Orders.
    4. Vendor Aging Report – removed date restriction that blocked report from being backdated outside the fiscal year.

  • Sales Orders

    Sales Orders
    1. New option to allow over ship quantities on Sales Orders.
    2. New form selection process when Quick Shipping orders to streamline and make process more efficient.
    3. Packing Slips Report form printing lets a packing slip form be selected instead of just using the default.
    4. Sales Order Report form printing lets a sales order form be selected instead of just using the default.
    5. “Ordered By” column added to Sales Order ledger selection list.

  • Multiple Currencies
    Currency Setup/Rate Tracking
    1. Currency Rate changes now tracked for historical changes.
    2. New URL field in the Currency Rate window to reference/check current rate information.
    3. Default A/R and A/P Accounts will be assigned to the customer or vendor when currency is initially selected or changed.
    Customer Sales and Payments in Foreign Currencies
    1. Margin calculations in the Sales Order and Account Invoice window are now calculated in the currency of the transaction.
    2. Multiple currency support for Recurring Invoice feature.
    3. Customer Invoice Analysis report has new columns for landed cost and invoice rate.
    4. Item Sales History report now converted to reporting home currency.
    Vendor Sales and Payments in Foreign Currencies
    1. Purchases window now supports currency rate edits on unposted purchases.
    2. Purchases window input tax credit field (HST/GST/VAT) will now be multiplied by the exchange rate and converted to HOME currency.
    3. Purchase Order vendor invoice creation now shows rate and allows edits before the purchase invoice is created.
    4. Payments (aka Checks) window now supports full gain loss calculation on payment rate compared to purchase(s) rates.  Also allows rate edits.
    5. Make Payments window now displays rate and allows changes as long as all payments are being done from the same bank.
    6. Purchases Journal now shows currency rate and currency of transaction along with landed value (already on report).
    7. Payments Journal now shows currency label, rate, and landed value.
    8. Vendor Aging report enhanced for currencies.

  • General

    New Redesigned User Interface
    1. Completely redesigned window user interface.   New icons, new and bigger fonts, and modern aesthetic.   New “touch then type” friendly design guidelines applied to all screens to help support touch screen monitors and hybrid tablets.
    2. New “Pin” feature to pin/remember specific entries/screens so they can easily be retrieved at your convenience.
    3. All new “Recent Places” side bar that remembers past screens you have visited and your pinned entries.
    4. Updated Connected Navigator with touch friendly navigation and modern UI.
    5. Massive hyperlink expansion to support “drill down” to all detailed documents and settings screens.   Hyperlink also supports drill into general journal entries to open corresponding source entry.
    6. Calendar pop-up support in all major windows for date fields.
    Data Exchange
    1. New icons and other various interface tweaks.
    2. Option to filter invoice export by type – Cash Invoice, Credit Memo, Account Invoice, and/or Debit Memo.
    3. Quantity and price field export as negative amounts for Credit Memos.
    Other General System-Wide Enhancements
    1. Support for Mac OS El Capitan
    2. Support for Mac Office 365/Office 2016
    3. Support for Windows 10
    4. Support for Office 2016 on PC
    5. Updates to the ODB Admin Server App (Mac OS) for Mac OS 10.10 and 10.11
    6. Added timestamp to all reports and posting reports.
    7. Optimized how data segments are added to files with more flexibility on when a segment is added.
    8. In program access to new support portal with ability to generate tickets from the Connected Help menu.

  • Accounts Receivable

    Customer Specific Pricing/Contract Pricing
    1. Completely new level of customer pricing options that will work with all configurations of Connected, even when Inventory Control is disabled.  New “Item Info” tab is located within the Customers window.
    2. Each customer could have their own unique price list.   Different options to define specific part numbers, the customers part numbers, a specific selling price, Effective Date, and Expiry date for that pricing.
    3. Add or import as many parts as required to the list and Connected will use that as the primary pricing mechanism when a defined part is used.  Import supports new modern import framework.
    Customer Payments/Credit Card Processing
    1. Print/email a payment receipt, just like the one you get from a credit card printer, to provide a customer with a confirmation of payment and which invoices were paid.
    2. New “Payments” tab in the Account Invoice window.  Shows all payments that have been applied to the invoice with “drill down” capability on each payment line.
    3. New “Charge Credit Card” Action in the Account Invoices window to quickly charge a card prior to an invoice being posted.   This requires a Blue Pay card processing account:
    4. New “Authorize Only” option for credit cards.   “Authorize Only” is available in all Credit Card processing windows and will Authorize a card so that the card information can be saved and a secure token used for future charges.   This feature is great if orders are taken and cards need to be validated before the actual charge is processed. This requires a Blue Pay card processing account:
    Sales Analysis Category of Analysis Codes
    1. New category of Analysis Codes for “Sales Analysis”.
    2. Sales Analysis codes can be assigned to Account Invoices and Credit Memos under the Custom Sales Fields tabs.
    3. Sales Analysis codes can be edited on unposted or posted invoices and are transferred automatically to Credit Memos when the “Create Credit Memo” action is used in the Account Invoices window.

  • Accounts Payable

    Accounts Payable
    1. New Vendor Record Info button will track the user name, date, and time of each add, modify, or import (add or update) in the Vendors window.
    2. In support of the movement towards electronic payments, the “Checks” or “Cheques” window has been renamed to “Payments”.
    3. Added support for ACH File format exports for payments.
    4. Added support for additional Canadian Bank export formats for electronic payments.

  • Inventory Control

    Inventory Control
    1. New option to specify the account number used on IC Withdrawal transactions within the transaction window.   User can now conveniently edit the default general ledger account within the header of the window.
    2. New IC User Privilege to hide all vendor information (Vendor, Part Number) in the Inventory Item screen and Inventory Items Advanced Find.
    Manufacturing/Work Order Enhancements
    1. New user defined “Custom WO” fields in the Manufacture Work Order window.   There are 10 alphanumeric, 3 numeric, 3 date, and 1 comments fields that are available to be used.   Each field can be custom labelled and there is support for displaying the fields in the Work Orders Ledger and adding fields to the custom work order form.
    2. New “Location” filter in the Work Orders ledger so open Manufacture entries can be filtered by location.
    3. Changes to the Manufacture report to support a new “Committed Cost” calculation for Work in Progress tracking.  Supports subtotals by work order for Committed WIP Inventory and Committed Labor WIP/Non-Inventory as well as grand totals for each.
    4. Work Order number field can now be edited in the Purchase Order window.   This helps link Purchase Orders to Work Orders when the PO was not created directly from Work Order but requires a relationship be created.
    5. New “Summary Analysis” version of the IC Consumption report, with flattened export, to better view component commitments to manufacture entries compared to consumption for a specific date range.
    6. Print Work Order forms from the Work Order ledger with CTRL/CMND click support for selecting multiple forms to print at once.

  • Sales Orders

    1. Major optimization to the load times for data under the Purchase Order and Work Order tabs of the Sales Order window.
    2. New option added to the Picking List report to show the Primary Vendor part number.
    3. Print Sales Order forms from the Sales Order ledger with CTRL/CMND click support for selecting multiple forms to print at once.
    4. Increase the Sales Order Staging list from 7 to 15 customizable options.
    5. Flattened version of Sales Quote Journal Report.

  • Purchase Orders

    1. Added filters for “Uninvoiced”, customer “Sales Order Number”, and “Location” to the Purchase Order ledger window.
    2. Purchase Order ledger new display columns for “Previously Invoiced”, “Amount Remaining”, and “Job Number”.   New columns can be added to custom view and/or exported to file.
    3. Purchase Order form modified so that the total “Previously Invoiced” and “Amount Remaining” fields can be added to the total section of the form.
    4. Modified the Invoices tab if GST/HST or VAT tax is enabled calculate the Invoice Amount as: (Purchases Total) – (GST/HST/VAT).  Previously the taxes had shows as a variance from the invoiced total.
    5. For Service or Job Costing Companies (Inventory OFF), Purchase Orders are no longer marked as closed until the vendor invoice total equals or exceeds the PO total.   Options to block OR warn if invoices totaling more than the PO total have been entered.

  • Job Costing
    1. New options to use Timesheet hourly cost rate and/or billing rate from three different sources.   For example, the cost rate can come from the Employee Record while the billing rate could come from the Job Phase record.
    2. Job Number filter added to the Purchase Order ledger.
    3. Enhancements to the job allocation in the “Invoice Purchase Order” window that lets users change job allocations prior to the Purchase Invoice creation.
    4. New “Profit Detail” version of the Open Jobs report.
    5. New “Profit Summary” version of the Open Jobs report.
    6. New “Billing Worksheet” report with new user privilege and spreadsheet export.
    7. New “Hide Hours” option in the Job Profitability Detailed report.

  • Customer Query Window

    1. Powerful new Customer Query window to search, filter, sort, export, and perform quick lookups on customer information
    2. Support and integration with the Customer Advanced Find
    3. Perform quick lookups on balances, YTD Sales, date added, last sale date, and last payment date.
    4. Customize column selection and order
    5. Easy export of search results

  • Field Level Security for Customer Service and Sales Reps

    1. Customers Window field level security to designate the specific fields a user can edit. For example, allow an edit of a customer address but not their Credit Limit or Status.
    2. Keep customer orders and invoices accurate with new user privileges to optionally block the Selling Price and/or Discount field in the Sales Quotes, Sales Orders, and Account Invoice windows. Both fields can be blocked or just one. This can help keep pricing and/or discounts accurate while also speed up data entry.
    3. New user privilege to block the editing of the item cost on a Credit Memo

  • Online Payroll Services Integration

    1. New Canadian payroll services integration with TeamPay by ADP. Click here for more information and see how this option could work for your business
    2. New Connected Online Payroll Services for customers in the United States. Click here for more information or to receive a quote and see how this option could work for your business
    3. New flexible payroll import mapping and import interface. Preview import data prior to import execution. Also includes drag and drop file selection.

  • Credit Card Payment Processing Enhancements

    1. New card processing and merchant support for BluePay Click here for more information
    2. New option to store previously used customer credit cards via a secure PCI token
    3. Add credit card payments directly from the customer order screen for prepays and deposits prior to shipping

  • Customer/Vendor Contacts Ledger

    1. New Contacts Ledger to view, search, access, and export contacts from either customers or vendors
    2. Like other ledger list screens, columns can be customized and Connected will remember settings even when the application is exited
    3. Integration of powerful Customer and Vendor advanced find search option 7-3_contactledger
    4. Easily export customer or vendor email addresses and other contact information

  • Data Exchange Enhancements

    1. Import/Export jobs are portable and can be exported and imported across Connected data files
    2. Insert Place holder fields for text and/or dates
    3. Support for date field formatting on export
    4. Support for import of Sales Order import/export
    5. Support for miscellaneous payment imports

  • Batch Manufacturing

    1. New option for manufactured items to be specified as a batch
    2. When selected, a specific quantity to be manufactured can be specified, along with the exact Bill of Materials to make that quantity

  • Reporting Enhancements and Trend Analysis

    1. Item Sales History Report has new data range comparison option that allows 4 specific date ranges to be specified to compare sales dollars and quantity sold data. This new option allows trends to be identified year to year, quarter to quarter, or month to month 7-3_reportingenhancements
    2. Item Sales History Report supports new total quantity by month for twelve consecutive periods. Easily see the quantity sold for any 12 month period to help identify sales trends within the year.
    3. Item Sales History Report flattened export version to provide clean data for external spreadsheet analysis.
    4. New Inventory Movement Report “Summary Usage”. See movement quantity metrics in a clean summary format, by date range, with columns for net sales, component withdrawals, net adjustments, PO receivings, and manufactured quantities.
    5. New Inventory Movement Report flattened export version to provide clean data for external spreadsheet analysis.

  • Named Inventory Locations

    1. New location setup window to name and define locations, replacing location numbering.
    2. View location stock status, by name, in Inventory Items window
    3. Item Information tab showing location stock status added to the Account Invoice window
    4. View location stock status, by name, using the Item Information tab in the Sales Quotes, Sales Orders, and Account Invoice windows. The named locations are also visible in the Inventory Item Advanced Find list window.


  • Additional Reporting Enhancements

    1. New “Deposit Summary” version of the Receipts journal to support bank deposits.
    2. Customer Invoice Analysis Report supports new page per rep option to separate each reps sales figures
    3. Sales by Rep report now has option to filter by Customer
    4. Trial Balance Report has new suppress zeros option
    5. Balance Sheet Report had new option to show account numbers

  • Enhanced Support for EFT Payments

    1. New dedicated tab in Vendors screen for EFT Information
    2. New “test mode” option to help with the testing process when EFT or AHC is being configured to work with your bank

  • Additional Connected 7.3 Enhancements
      1. Item Information tab now available in the Account Invoice window to show inventory stock levels.
      2. Purchase Orders window supports new discount column.   Column can be enabled or disabled.
      3. Support for the import of a custom component list when a Work Order (Manufacture Request) is created from a customer Sales Order
      4. Vendor List now supports Advanced Find
      5. New Add Payment Action in Sales Order window to quickly add customer deposits and link them to orders
      6. New tab in Sales Order window to display all deposits linked to a Sales Order.  View and or drill into the deposits.
      7. New column in the Item Information tab to show quantity on Work Orders (WO’s) of items to be manufactured.
      8. Seperation of decimal place specification for quantity and price/cost for Sales and Inventory/Purchasing.   Sales related screens can now be set to use a different decimal setting than inventory/purchasing screens.  Previously a single setting was used for all screens.
      9. Changed label from “Manufacturing” to “Bill of Materials” in the Inventory Items window.
      10. Additional support for Mac OS Yosemite

  • Information Webinar
  • Integration with

    1. New integration with payment gateway for accepting credit card payments
    2. Connect your existing merchant account, for example Chayse Paymentech, or create a new one with
    3. Accept payments with different merchant accounts, based on the Bank setup in Connected. For example, USD and CAD currency merchant accounts.
    4. View and verify the live response codes as you process charges
    5. Sign up for a just a payment gateway or both a payment gateway and merchant account today. NOTE: A valid payment gateway is required to use this feature.


  • Connected Data Exchange

    1. New user friendly interface for the auto import and export of data.
    2. Integrate with third party solutions, such as websites, by automating the import of customer, orders, invoices, and purchase orders.
    3. Update external databases, such as e-commerce website, by automating the export if inventory items, inventory stock levels, customers, and customers sales information.
    4. Define intervals to repeat the data export in minutes, hours, or days.
    5. Choose to export only the customer or inventory records that have been modified since the last export
    6. Use the quick export to test and or export data on demand
    7. Specify export fields in specific order with our field selection tool so that only the data you need is exported
    8. See progress and error logs during the processing
    9. Run multiple import and export jobs at the same time

  • Batch Email Customer Statements

    1. Generate and email customer statements for hundreds of customers at a time
    2. Choose from any customized statement form layout to be used included as a PDF attachment
    3. Personalize customer statement email messages with customer specific data like account number, contact info, address, and current balance


  • Customer Advanced Find

    1. New pane in the Customer lookup list window for “Advanced Find”.
    2. Query multiple fields at once with “Starts With”, “Contains”, or “Equals” queries.
    3. Query on multiple fields at once and retain the lookup and search while logged into Connected
    4. Ability to customize results columns and sort the information, by column


  • Item Stock Levels in Inventory List

    New option to display item stock levels for all locations, when using the Inventory Quick or Advanced Find. 7-2_itemstocklevel

  • Void Customer Receipts

    New options to void customer receipts after they have been posted.

  • Edit Custom Sales Fields on Posted Entries

    New user privilege and option to edit the custom sales fields on posted account invoices, credit memos, and customer receipts.

  • Other Time Saving Features

    1. New Customer and Location filter in the Sales Order ledger screen.
    2. New WO (Work Order) column the locations tab of the inventory screen to show the total of an item to be manufactured.
    3. New user privilege to hide all item cost info in the inventory items and inventory advanced find screens.
    4. Custom Sales Fields added to the AR Receipts and Debit Memo screens.
    5. Better support for Mac OS X managed network configurations.
    6. Ten new custom alpha-numeric fields in the Jobs window.
    7. Customer Record Info button to track customer edits.
    8. Inventory Item Record Info button to track inventory item edits.
    9. Changes to the manufacture “approval” process.
    10. Compatibility with Mac OS X Mavericks (10.9) operating system.

  • Connected Navigator

    1. Redesigned Connected Navigator screen with new crisp modern aesthetic
    2. Modernized module icons.
    3. Color coated buttons to open screens and other operations.
    4. New colors improve visual guidance during day to day usage, new user training, and user privilege set up.


  • Automation and Data Exchange

    1. New import Purchase Order receiving Action from within the Purchase Order window. If you have a text file of part numbers and received quantities, you can now choose to import a PO Receiving. This can be very helpful when entering a partial receiving for a lengthy PO. 7-1_automation
    2. Transferring data into Connected has never been easier with the Auto Import function now including added support for Customers, Invoices/Credit Memos, and Purchase Orders. This is in addition to Inventory Items and Sales Orders that were supported in previous versions. Transferring data into Connected from external sources has never been easier.
    3. New Expense report import. Import expense reports that are created from outside applications, including iOS or cloud apps that can create customizable exports in a text file format. Expense Reports window has also been enhanced to include the record info button to track the import, add, modify, and posting of Expense Reports by user/date/time.

  • Inventory Product Labeling

    1. Inventory Item Labels – finally! New customizable label form to print inventory item labels from the Item List report to help categorize and identify products in your warehouse. As with other Connected forms, bar code fonts are supported in our Custom Fonts form options.
    2. Print Inventory Item labels during a Purchase Order receiving. Do you need to identify incoming raw materials or goods? You can print labels, which can include lot and serial numbers, while processing the receiving of goods on a purchase order.
    3. Print Inventory Item labels for finished goods in the Manufacture/Work Order window. Print as many labels as you need for each manufactured item to help identify your products.

  • Reporting Enhancements

    1. New option to back date the Inventory Valuation for both Average and FIFO costing methods
    2. Customer Sales History Report has been enhanced with a new summary version that allows both the current year and previous to be compared and also the exclusion of customers with sales below a certain amount.
    3. New Trial Balance report option – “Accountant’s Version”. Print your Trial Balance the way your accountant wants to see it to PDF, spreadsheet, or screen/printer.
    4. New options to print customer invoices to separate PDF files. This feature is great for keeping a digital copy of customer invoices or making PDF files available online for your customer’s to view their invoice history.
    5. Just in time for 1099’s, new form alignment to help ensure the easy printing when doing a run of many 1099 forms at once.
    6. New option in to exclude certain payments from 1099 reporting. If you have specific payments to vendors made to 1099 vendors that should not be included in 1099 report totals, the payments can now be marked to be excluded on an individual basis
    7. The Customer Incomplete Order report has been enhanced with a flattened export. The flattened export contains many fields not on the standard report, including line item discounts. Since the export is flattened, it can easily be sorted and manipulated in a spreadsheet application.
    8. Manufacturing reporting has been significantly enhanced with a new “Component Summary” version that displays a single line per component, combining all open work orders and component quantities required. By doing this, along with displaying the item stock levels, purchasing components or raw material for manufacture has never been easier.

  • Vendor EFT (Electronic Fund Transfer) Payments

    1. The vendor Payment Advice is now a fully editable form. Add your company logo, change the layout, change the fonts, and add bank specific information as required. As in previous versions, easily email a copy of Payment Advices to vendors whom you have paid electronically.
    2. Batch email payment advices to vendors from our new Payment Advice report. If multiple vendors have been paid electronically the payment advices can easily be emailed in a single batch or all at once. Just like customer invoices, email 10, 20, 30+ payment advices to your vendors in one easy action.
    3. New options to create EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer) files that can be sent to financial institutions via the new EFT Export feature. The EFT export can require a customized setup to meet the formats of your financial institution. However, once completed, payment files can be easily sent to the bank, based on the information in Connected, to disburse your vendor payments. This feature is nicely complimented by the new ability to batch email payment advices to vendors so that your vendor receives a document indicating the exact invoices that were settled.
    4. Additional Vendor Electronic Payment enhancements include a new option to auto number electronic payments and have them included in a “Make Payments” (aka check run). When creating a batch of payments, the Electronic payments are identified with an easy to see icon as well as totals for both printed check and EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer) are available. As in previous versions, Electronic payments can be posted at the same time a batch of checks is printed and it will not affect numbering or printing of the standard check forms.


  • Productivity and Workflow Improvements

    1. Increased speed for both Quick Post and Post Sales. Experience speed improvements that will cut load times by 50%, even more in some cases, for the posting of customer invoices.
    2. New Sales Quotes Ledger that allows all open and closed quotes to be tracked in a single screen. Like similar windows for the Sales Orders, Purchase Orders, and Work Orders, the Quotes ledger allows the columns to be customized and remembered, even when you quit Connected. Easily view, open, and export customer quotes.
    3. New general “E-mail” address field added to both the Customers and Vendors screens. This new field, if it contains an email address, will also be available to email invoices or purchase orders and will not require the addition of a Contact entry.
    4. Account Invoices window now supports arrow buttons to reorder the line items on unposted invoices. This feature was previously only available in the Sales Order and the Sales Quotes screen.
    5. Creating a Purchase Order from a Sales Order has been enhanced by allowing item stock information to be viewed and PO quantities to be calculated or edited on an individual line basis.


  • Additional Enhancements

    1. Increased the number of CSF’s (Custom Sales Fields) from 11 to 21 by adding 10 new alpha-numeric fields. CSF’s can be found in the Sales Quotes, Sales Orders, Account Invoices, and Credit Memos screens.
    2. Sales Order Ledger window now has a new column that can be added for “Back Order Total”
    3. New version of the Connected ODB Server software for Mac OS with enhancements and fixes.
    4. New layout and look to the Connected to the logon screen.
    5. General program maintenance and fixes (see release notes for details)

  • File attachments
    Attach any file type that is any size to any screen in Connected using the “Notes” function. There is no limit to the number of attachments or file type. All files are linked to the entry they are assigned and copied to a central folder on the server. 7-1_fileattachments
  • Payment Types
    Assign customer payments by type. For example, check, wire, or Visa. All payments will be grouped group by day, by type in Receipts Posting, Receipts Journal Report, and Bank Reconciliation.
  • Quick Post General Journal entries
    Quick Post General Journal entries.
  • Inventory Items Advanced Find
    New pane in the inventory item list for “Advanced Find”. Query multiple fields with “Starts With”, “Contains”, or “Equals” queries. Query on multiple fields at once and retain the lookup and search while logged into Connected. Ability to customize results columns and sort the information, by column, also included. 7-0_advancedfind
  • Sales Order Ledger
    Order ledger, introduced in 6.4, now remembers columns and settings, even after closing the program. Additionally, a drill down to an order can be performed while keeping the order ledger in the background.
  • Purchase Order Ledger
    New Purchase Order ledger with all of the same features that the Sales Order ledger has. Easily track open/expected PO’s from a single screen.
  • Manufacture Ledger
    New Manufacture ledger window with all of the same features that the Sales order has. Easily track/modify/update open manufacture work orders.
  • Batch Email customer invoices
    Generate and email customer invoices in large groups from new Email Preview window. Generate a large email batch, preview and select invoices, and choose customer contacts. 7-0_emailpreview
  • EDI Enhancements
    Connected is now even more ready for your EDI needs. We have added new 15 new custom fields in the Inventory Items window, two new UPC fields, and a new way to plug-in EDI export maps for trading partners. Import orders, process, and export EDI Invoices. NOTE: Setup fees apply to format exports for new trading partners.
  • Additional Custom Fields for Customer
    Six new alpha-numeric customer custom field. Batch Print Separate PDF Files of Statement: Generate Statements to individual PDF files. Create a large run of statement files at one time.
  • Batch Print Separate PDF files of Invoices
    Generate Invoices to individual PDF Files. Create a large run of invoice files at one time.
  • Native PDF printing on Windows – No more PDF 995 headaches
    Windows users can now print to PDF without any additional software.
  • Import - IC Vendor Item Info
    Import and assign vendor part numbers to Inventory Items. Import updates to existing vendor part numbers.
  • Clone Purchase Order
    Duplicate Purchase Orders for all or some of the items
  • New Close Year and Close Period location and operation
    Close year and close period operations have all been moved to central location under the File menu. Optionally keep general journal detail history. New “Purge Data” Utility for Administrators only that allows data to be purged from selected modules via one central screen/location.
  • AR Customer Sales History Report
    New flattened export version of the report Connected Forms: Order forms from Located under the Help menu or the Help tab of the Navigator
  • Enhanced record “Info” added to Sales Quotes
    Add same “info” tracking available in the Purchase Order, Sales order, and Manufacture window.
  • New GL Account export option
    xport all info from the “Budget & Period Totals” tab of the Accounts window. All information is formatted in an easy to use format to help with custom financial statement preparation.
  • Import Sales Quotes
    New option to import and append existing sales quotes

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