Connected Accounting and ERP Software

Learn more about the Connected Accounting and ERP software with this brief information video.

Processing Credit Cards in Connected

This video is the recording of a training session for the setup and processing of customer credit cards in Connected. In this video: Setup Card Processing. Card Processing and PCI Compliance Performin

Connected On Demand

This video is useful for anyone currently using the Connected desktop application or for those evaluating the Connected software for a hosted deployment. In this video: What is “Connected on Dem

Using Inventory Control with Connected

Learn how to take advantage of the advanced inventory features available in Connected. In this video: Set up different types of inventory Add/edit BOM’s (bills of Materials) Custom Price levels,

Using the Customer Query Window

In this video: The Connected Customer Query window, released in version 7.3. Learn how to quickly sort, filter, query, and export, customer data like never before.

Leveraging Your Connected Sales Data

In this video: Learn how to use the Excel to “Subtotals” function to leverage your Connected Accounting and ERP sales data.

Customizing Printed Forms

In this video: Learn the basic editing of forms such as customer invoices, packing slips, purchase orders, quotes, checks, and customer orders.

Field Level A/R Security for Customers and Sales Screens

In this video: Learn how specific fields within a customer profile can be made read only for certain users.

Configure User Access

In this video: Learn how to set user access privileges for each user account in Connected.

Using and Linking Files to Transaction Notes

In this video: See how to use the Connected “Notes” feature and also how to attach and link external files to notes.

Adding a Signature to a PO

In this video: Use Mac OS Preview to add digital signatures to documents, like Purchase Orders.

Connected Data Exchange

In this video: Learn how to auto import and export select data.

Batch E-Mail Customer Statements

In this video: This short video demonstrates how to email a batch or group of customer statements using Connected 7.2 on Mac OS 10.9.

Form Export/Import

In this video: Export customized forms, such as invoice layouts, and import them into a different Connected data file.

Issuing Electronic Payments to Vendors

In this video: This video demonstrates how a business can handle a batch of electronic payments mixed with traditional printed checks.

Using Ledger Lookups

In this video: This video shows how to use the lookup list windows in Connected called ledgers. See how to view and take action on Customer Orders, Customer Quotes, Production/Manufacture requests, an