Updating Your Accounting Software

Avoid downtime, increase productivity, and save money by updating your accounting software.

When is the right time to update your accounting software?

When it comes to software and technology, there are those early adopters that can’t wait to update.  These are typically the compulsive buyers that will buy the latest computer/phone before it is even released.

Then we have the larger group who fear change or the new technology.  In many cases, these buyers/businesses may go years without an upgrade to a device or software.   Sometimes, the update is forced when there are simply no other options left because things have broken.

With either approach, there can be pros and cons.  One thing that is certain, all technology ages, and sometimes accounting software ends up being the last thing for a business to update.   The old adage of “if it isn’t broken, don’t try and fix it” can only bring value for so long.   At some point, your business accounting system will stop saving money and start costing money, time, and productivity.

Here are some warning signs that your company might be using an outdated accounting software:

  • You are unable to easily email invoices, statements, or orders.
  • Your accounting software vendor has long since discontinued supporting your product.
  • The person that you rely on to keep your system up and running has long since retired.
  • You have to close a period before you can work in the next.
  • You are only able to have single user access or one computer at a time.
  • Your accounting software only runs on Windows XP.
  • You are ripping off the tractor feed portion of your printed checks.
  • You have no idea what to do if your server stops working because nobody could help reinstall your accounting software.

Outdated software ultimately becomes so costly to maintain that you may end up paying the price of a new system many times over in just the maintenance.  However, there is light at the end of the tunnel.  At Accountek, we specialize in change management from the old to new.  Our goal is to take the best things from the outdated system and apply them in our modern framework with all the conveniences today’s businesses need.

If your software lacks graphics or if spreadsheets have become the tentacles of an outdated accounting system, give us a call or complete a needs analysis – we can help.  You may be pleasantly surprised at how much we can ease the transition and help bring your business forward.

You can learn more about the differences in accounting software and changing your accounting software here. 

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