CONNECTED 8.3 – May 2018

Connected 8.3 includes major improvements to Connected’s workflow and productivity features.   8.3 includes enhancements to the Advanced E-mail feature, Vendor Query window, Job Query window, and the ability to generate purchase orders from the Inventory Item Query results.

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Connected 8.3 Feature Summary

  1. Assign Forms to Email Templates
  2. Send Results from Item Query to PO Generation
  3. A/R Recurring Invoice Enhancements
  4. Trial Balance Table View
  5. Job Query Window
  6. New “Create Order” Action from Quote
  7. Vendor Query Window
  8. Lot/Serial Number Ledger Improvements
  9. Timesheet Report – New Report Types
  10. Sales Order, Sales Quote, and Sales Ledger Filters
  11. New Quick Post Options
  12. Data Import Enhancements
  13. Other 8.3 Enhancements

Assign Forms to Email Templates

We have continued to refine the powerful advanced email capability with the following new features:

  • Assign a specific form to an email template.  For example, if there are two types of invoices, each custom form can be assigned to the specific email template
  • Change form name prefix so that the default file name is not used.  For example, change “Invoice No 50213” to “Acme Invoice_50213”
  • Support for email template form assignment across all individual email windows in Connected

 Send Results of Item Query to PO Generation

  • Send Item Query results to PO Generation window using simple or advanced queries.  Previously, the PO Generation window could only be used via the MRP or Restocking reports
  • Support for multiple vendors and multiple locations in PO generation window
  • Appearance enhancement and minor changes to the column order of PO generation window
  • New “Qty Available” column and minor label changes

Recurring Invoice Enhancements

  • Added fields for Job Number and Sales Order Number so that a recurring invoice could be assigned to a Job and/or linked to a Sales Order
  • Notes and Record Info for each recurring invoice
  • Added support for all Custom Sales Fields.  Values in fields are transferred to the customer invoice, when created.
  • New columns for Customer Name, Order Number, Job Number, Sales Analysis Code, and Currency Code in the recurring invoice list
  • Recurring invoice list now sortable by any of the display columns
  • Send recurring list to spreadsheet or text file from Print menu
  • Minor layout and appearance enhancements

Trial Balance Table View

  • New report output option for Table in Trial Balance report
  • Send up to five different Trial Balance reports to single table window
  • Table supports drill down into report data
  • Fast key to reopen Table at any time during session with Table reopening to the exact page and placement that it was in before closing
  • Trial Balance reports sent to Table view do not have to be reloaded.  For example, a lengthy Trial Balance Detailed report for month/year end can be referenced instantly in Table view without rerunning the report

Job Query Window

  • View and query all details and totals from Job(s)
  • Use new Job Advanced Find for multi-level queries
  • Customize and reorder data columns displayed
  • Replaces and/or greatly reduces the need to use many summary reports such as Job List, Open Jobs Summary, and some variations of the Job Profitability report
  • Quick lookups with advanced search capability
  • Easily export all results to spreadsheet

New “Create Order” Action from Quote

  • New “Create Order” action to transfer entire Sales Quote to Sales Order
  • Hyperlink to order number or most recent order number for unlimited use and/or reopened quotes
  • Sales Order record info contains info and link back to specific quote used to create order

Vendor Query Window

  • View and query all details from Vendor profiles
  • Support for Vendor Advanced find
  • Perform quick lookups on Vendors, Status, Balance, Last Payment, and Last Purchase.  Use Advanced Find to filter vendors on multiple fields like YTD (Year to Date) Purchases and Custom fields.
  • Customize and Reorder Display Columns
  • Easily export all results to spreadsheet

Lot/Serial Number Ledger Improvements

  • New dual find option to search by Item No AND Lot/Serial Number
  • Added new fields to the Lot/Serial traceability report that is exported from the Lot/Serial window for recall tracking and notification purposes.  New fields for Invoice Billing Address, Customer Contact, Phone, Fax, Email, All Shipping Address Fields, Ship Contact/Phone/Fax/Email

Timesheet Report – New Report Types

  • New “Employee Totals” report type, shows a single line per employee with regular, overtime, and total hours for the reporting period
  • New “Job Totals” report type, shows a single page per job with each employee listed as a single line showing the total hours, cost, and billing amount for the reporting period
  • New “Phase Totals” report type, shows a single line per phase/per employee.  Each employee is printed on a single page.
  • Each new report type supports a flattened export format

Sales Order, Sales Quote, and Sales Ledger Filters

  • Sales Quote ledger has new filter for Sales Rep and all Custom Sales Fields have been added to the field picker
  • Sales Order ledger has new filter for Sales Rep and the Profit Center column has been added to the field picker
  • Sales Ledger now displays Credit Memo’s as negative values and adjusts the totals accordingly

New Quick Post Options

  • Quick Post added to I/C Inventory Receiving/Withdrawals
  • Quick Post added to I/C Transfers

Data Import Enhancements

  • New Quick Payments Import
  • PO Receivings Import now supports using the same packing slip number, for the same vendor, provided it is for a different PO number
  • Purchase Detail Import now available when multiple currencies are enabled.   Purchases can be imported for HOME currency vendors only

Other 8.3 Enhancements

  • A/R Invoice Report modified with option to exclude “Email Delivery” customers so printed invoices can be generated for only those customers that do not receive email
  • Compatibility with Microsoft Office 2016 for Mac.  Patch in late January, by Microsoft, caused issues when sending report output to spreadsheet
  • Location name and calendar date picker added to A/R Credit Memos window
  • Option to sort Manufacture Work Order printed form by Bin # or Item # when the Select Forms option is used
  • Company Name in General Company Setup has been lengthened from 40 to 65 characters
  • Job Number added as a field selection for A/R Customer Statements
  • New utility to help when changing banks. Utility can change all vendor bank codes to new code, avoiding manually changing or using an import/update
  • New User Privilege in the AP Payments window to hide the bank balance field
  • Job Profitability report Summary Export changes with some columns renamed and additional columns for Job Name, Customer Name, Actual Costs, and Accrued Costs

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