CONNECTED 8.2 – NOV 2017

Connected 8.2 includes major improvements to Connected’s emailing ability, inventory item analysis, and  a new Windows Server Admin – just to name a few.   A summary of the over 30 new enhancements can be found below.

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Connected 8.2 Feature Summary

  1. Advanced Emailing
  2. Inventory Item Query
  3. Cross Platform (PC/Mac) Note File Attachments
  4. Helper Icons Added to All Ledger Windows
  5. Windows Server Admin
  6. Other General/System Wide Enhancements
  7. Financial and Account History
  8. Other General Ledger Enhancements
  9. Field Level Security in A/R Windows
  10. Other Accounts Receivable Enhancements
  11. New custom Purchase fields
  12. New Payment Export Support for TelPay
  13. Other Accounts Payable Enhancements
  14. Sales Order Shipments Tab – Layout and Totals
  15. Other Sales Order Enhancements
  16. Mandatory Expiry Date for Lot Controlled Inventory
  17. Job Costing Enhancements
  18. Multi-Currency Report Changes
  19. New Import and Import Enhancements

Advanced Emailing

Emailing documents just got much easier with these great new features:

  • Create email templates with field tags such as invoice number, amount, date, customer name, and many more
  • Multiple email templates can be added/modified/stored in virtually every screen in Connected.  You can even have a template to send a General Journal entry to your auditor when they ask questions
  • Email templates support plain text and html format
  • open and view/edit email before sending or send directly to your Outbox
  • Support for templates in all batch email functions (Invoices, Statements, and Payment Advices)

Inventory Item Query

  • View and query all data for inventory items including item details and quantity metrics
  • Customize and reorder display columns
  • Replaces multiple report options such as Item List and parts of Restocking reports
  • Quick Lookups and Advanced Search ability
  • Filter by Location Data for such fields as Qty On Hand, Available, on SO, on PO, on WO (master), on WO (component), and much more
  • Easily export query results to spreadsheets

Cross Platform (PC/Mac) Note File Attachments

  • New separate paths for Note File Attachments so users on both PC and Mac can access the same files
  • Plot path for both platforms in the Company Setup window

Helper Icons Added to All Ledger Windows

  • Helper windows have been added to the Sales Order, Sales Quote, Purchase Order, and Work Order ledger windows so that specific items can be viewed or completed without leaving the ledger screen or drilling into a specific record
  • Helper windows let Contacts be viewed and emails created, display Notes and allow notes to be added/edited, display Record Info, and let Pins be viewed or added/removed

Windows Server Admin

  • New server admin utility to administer connections to data files
  • Configure data access via the ODB (Omnis Data Bridge) service with new ODB Admin interface
  • Add/remove data files, create pointers, and backup data from within the Connected ODB application
  • Serve data in from unshared folders via port/IP address
  • Optimal configuration for all Windows hosted data files (PC only or Mac/PC)

Other General/System Wide Enhancements

  • Backup Utility
  • Data Exchange Improvements
  • PCI Compliance for Card Processing

Financial and Account History

  • Support for Balance Sheet five year comparative in the “Financial History” report.  Previously, only the income statement was available
  • New “Previous Totals” tab in Accounts window to view and edit years 3, 4, and 5 financial totals
  • New Expanded Record Info in Accounts window to track user name, date, and time of all add and modify operations

Other General Ledger Enhancements

  • Group EFT payments on Bank Reconciliation
  • Track General Journal Delete date in record info

Field Level Security in A/R Windows

  • Field level security from the Customers window is now transferred to all A/R windows.
  • Terms Code, Sales Rep, and Tax Code will be blocked in all A/R windows if they are blocked, by user, in the Customers window

Other Accounts Receivable Enhancements

  • Inventory Location Name and Pop-up list are now available in most A/R windows.  Previously, a location number was displayed only.
  • Customer Activity Ledger has columns for “Type” and “Receipt No” to make it easier to identify customer payments and the specific invoices they paid within the ledger display
  • New “Pay Type” column for Cash Invoices in Sales Ledger

Custom Purchase Fields

  • New Custom Purchase fields on AP Purchases window
  • Fields transfer from the Purchase Order window (formerly called Custom PO fields) when a vendor invoice is matched against a PO
  • Fields can be edited on posted or unposted purchases
  • 4 alpha-numeric, 3 numeric, and 3 date fields.

New Payment Export Support for Telpay

  • Support for Telpay A/P payment export (Canada Only)
  • Easily create TelPay formatted export files, including vendor information, via the A/P EFT Export window.
  • Use the code “ATK” in the “How did you hear about us Section?” of the TelPay sign up form to receive the TelPay Connected export format at no additional cost (value $499/year)

Other Accounts Payable Enhancements

  • Vendor Activity Ledger has new columns for “Type” and “Payment No” to make it easier to identify payments and the Purchases that they paid.
  • Payments window (aka Checks) now shows the date of a Pre-Payment type payments to make matching easier.

Sales Order Shipments Tab Layout and Totals

  • New layout, calculations, and totals under the Shipments tab
  • metrics for quantity, amount, and percentages for the order total, unshipped total, ship now, shipped to date, and back order
  • Custom color cells to specific user preference to highlight totals meaningful to specific users


Other Sales Order Enhancements

  • Sales Order Confirmation password protection and record info
  • Sales Order Required Date Transferred to new “Est Delivery Date” field in Account Invoice
  • “Ship Now $” and “Ship Now %” added to Sales Order ledger as columns that can be viewed when customizing the columns

Make Lot Controlled Items have Mandatory Expiry Dates

  • When Lot/Serial Control is enabled, specific items can be marked as having mandatory expiry dates.   When an item is received or produced, the item expiry date must be entered.

Job Costing Enhancements

  • New “Summary Export” option in the Job Profitability report to display a single row, per job, of the Summary report information
  • Job Name search is no longer case sensitive in the Jobs window

Multi Currency Report Changes

  • Made changes to multiple reports to be scaled to a single page when multiple currencies are enabled.   Customer Aging, Vendor Aging, Sales Journal, Purchase Journal, and Payments Journal.

New Imports and Import Enhancements

  • New Purchase Order Receiving Import using modern import framework
  • New Fields on Purchase Order Import for Order Number (Customer), Expected Date, and Est Arrival
  • New Fields on Purchases Detailed Import for all custom Purchase fields

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