CONNECTED 8.1 – NOV 2016

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  1. General
  2. Credit Card Processing
  3. General Ledger
  4. Accounts Receivable
  5. Accounts Payable
  6. Sales Orders
  7. Multiple Currencies


Connected Messages
  1. New Connected Messages feature to communicate important information about updates, patches, news, and general tips and tricks.
  2. Easy access to old/archived messages from the Connected Help menu and option to hide.

Other General System-Wide Enhancements
  1. Support for Mac OS Mac OS Sierra (10.12.x)
  2. Updates to the ODB Admin Server App (Mac OS) for Mac OS 10.10, 10.11, and 10.12

Credit Card Processing

BluePay Credit Card Processing
  1. New option to view cards on file (masked view)  and/or remove cards from within the Customers window.
  2. New “Use Customer Default Billing” address option in the charge card window.
  3. New Comments field for internal comments about card.  Comments are not transmitted and are for reference only.

General Ledger

New Financial History Report
  1. Show five years of Income Statement data on a single report for comparison.
  2. Account Import utility to backfill/update five years of account totals.
Other General Ledger Enhancements
  1. Bank Reconciliation load times optimized on second and subsequent loads of the same reconciliation.
  2. New “Posted Date” column in the G/L Account Activity Ledger.

Accounts Receivable

Sales (Invoices) Ledger
  1. Quickly view a customizable list of posted, unposted, and/or closed invoices.
  2. Sort, drill down, and filter invoice data.
  3. Print or PDF multiple invoices using CTRL or CMND click for selection.
  4. Point, click, and email an invoice from the ledger list.
  5. View, add, edit invoice Notes and file attachments without opening the invoice record.
  6. View invoice record info without opening the invoice record.
Other Accounts Receivable Enhancements
  1. Packing Slip number field added to Account Invoice.  Field is visible and searchable.
  2. Customer Invoice Analysis Report – New “Summary” report option to condense invoice sales data.
  3. Default email text and subject selected by default when emailing customer invoices.
  4. Customer Aging Report – removed date restriction that blocked report from being backdated outside the fiscal year.
  5. Early Payment Discount Calculation – added option to calculate early payment discounts on the Invoice Subtotal + Freight (no sales taxes) or on the Invoice Total.

Accounts Payable

  1. New “Add Payment” Action from the Purchases window.
  2. New PO number field in the Payments (aka Checks) window.  Useful to assign PO number to pre-payments.
  3. Optimization when creating purchase invoices from Purchase Orders.
  4. Vendor Aging Report – removed date restriction that blocked report from being backdated outside the fiscal year.

Sales Orders

  1. New option to allow over ship quantities on Sales Orders.
  2. New form selection process when Quick Shipping orders to streamline and make process more efficient.
  3. Packing Slips Report form printing lets a packing slip form be selected instead of just using the default.
  4. Sales Order Report form printing lets a sales order form be selected instead of just using the default.
  5. “Ordered By” column added to Sales Order ledger selection list.

Multiple Currencies

Currency Setup/Rate Tracking
  1. Currency Rate changes now tracked for historical changes.
  2. New URL field in the Currency Rate window to reference/check current rate information.
  3. Default A/R and A/P Accounts will be assigned to the customer or vendor when currency is initially selected or changed.
Customer Sales and Payments in Foreign Currencies
  1. Margin calculations in the Sales Order and Account Invoice window are now calculated in the currency of the transaction.
  2. Multiple currency support for Recurring Invoice feature.
  3. Customer Invoice Analysis report has new columns for landed cost and invoice rate.
  4. Item Sales History report now converted to reporting home currency.
Vendor Sales and Payments in Foreign Currencies
  1. Purchases window now supports currency rate edits on unposted purchases.
  2. Purchases window input tax credit field (HST/GST/VAT) will now be multiplied by the exchange rate and converted to HOME currency.
  3. Purchase Order vendor invoice creation now shows rate and allows edits before the purchase invoice is created.
  4. Payments (aka Checks) window now supports full gain loss calculation on payment rate compared to purchase(s) rates.  Also allows rate edits.
  5. Make Payments window now displays rate and allows changes as long as all payments are being done from the same bank.
  6. Purchases Journal now shows currency rate and currency of transaction along with landed value (already on report).
  7. Payments Journal now shows currency label, rate, and landed value.
  8. Vendor Aging report enhanced for currencies.

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