CONNECTED 8.0 – NOV 2015

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  1. General
  2. Accounts Receivable
  3. Accounts Payable
  4. Inventory Control
  5. Sales Orders
  6. Purchase Orders
  7. Job Costing


New Redesigned User Interface
  1. Completely redesigned window user interface.   New icons, new and bigger fonts, and modern aesthetic.   New “touch then type” friendly design guidelines applied to all screens to help support touch screen monitors and hybrid tablets.
  2. New “Pin” feature to pin/remember specific entries/screens so they can easily be retrieved at your convenience.
  3. All new “Recent Places” side bar that remembers past screens you have visited and your pinned entries.
  4. Updated Connected Navigator with touch friendly navigation and modern UI.
  5. Massive hyperlink expansion to support “drill down” to all detailed documents and settings screens.   Hyperlink also supports drill into general journal entries to open corresponding source entry.
  6. Calendar pop-up support in all major windows for date fields.
Data Exchange
  1. New icons and other various interface tweaks.
  2. Option to filter invoice export by type – Cash Invoice, Credit Memo, Account Invoice, and/or Debit Memo.
  3. Quantity and price field export as negative amounts for Credit Memos.
Other General System-Wide Enhancements
  1. Support for Mac OS El Capitan
  2. Support for Mac Office 365/Office 2016
  3. Support for Windows 10
  4. Support for Office 2016 on PC
  5. Updates to the ODB Admin Server App (Mac OS) for Mac OS 10.10 and 10.11
  6. Added timestamp to all reports and posting reports.
  7. Optimized how data segments are added to files with more flexibility on when a segment is added.
  8. In program access to new support portal with ability to generate tickets from the Connected Help menu.

Accounts Receivable

Customer Specific Pricing/Contract Pricing
  1. Completely new level of customer pricing options that will work with all configurations of Connected, even when Inventory Control is disabled.  New “Item Info” tab is located within the Customers window.
  2. Each customer could have their own unique price list.   Different options to define specific part numbers, the customers part numbers, a specific selling price, Effective Date, and Expiry date for that pricing.
  3. Add or import as many parts as required to the list and Connected will use that as the primary pricing mechanism when a defined part is used.  Import supports new modern import framework.
Customer Payments/Credit Card Processing
  1. Print/email a payment receipt, just like the one you get from a credit card printer, to provide a customer with a confirmation of payment and which invoices were paid.
  2. New “Payments” tab in the Account Invoice window.  Shows all payments that have been applied to the invoice with “drill down” capability on each payment line.
  3. New “Charge Credit Card” Action in the Account Invoices window to quickly charge a card prior to an invoice being posted.   This requires a Blue Pay card processing account:
  4. New “Authorize Only” option for credit cards.   “Authorize Only” is available in all Credit Card processing windows and will Authorize a card so that the card information can be saved and a secure token used for future charges.   This feature is great if orders are taken and cards need to be validated before the actual charge is processed. This requires a Blue Pay card processing account:
Sales Analysis Category of Analysis Codes
  1. New category of Analysis Codes for “Sales Analysis”.
  2. Sales Analysis codes can be assigned to Account Invoices and Credit Memos under the Custom Sales Fields tabs.
  3. Sales Analysis codes can be edited on unposted or posted invoices and are transferred automatically to Credit Memos when the “Create Credit Memo” action is used in the Account Invoices window.

Accounts Payable

  1. New Vendor Record Info button will track the user name, date, and time of each add, modify, or import (add or update) in the Vendors window.
  2. In support of the movement towards electronic payments, the “Checks” or “Cheques” window has been renamed to “Payments”.
  3. Added support for ACH File format exports for payments.
  4. Added support for additional Canadian Bank export formats for electronic payments.

Inventory Control

  1. New option to specify the account number used on IC Withdrawal transactions within the transaction window.   User can now conveniently edit the default general ledger account within the header of the window.
  2. New IC User Privilege to hide all vendor information (Vendor, Part Number) in the Inventory Item screen and Inventory Items Advanced Find.
Manufacturing/Work Order Enhancements
  1. New user defined “Custom WO” fields in the Manufacture Work Order window.   There are 10 alphanumeric, 3 numeric, 3 date, and 1 comments fields that are available to be used.   Each field can be custom labelled and there is support for displaying the fields in the Work Orders Ledger and adding fields to the custom work order form.
  2. New “Location” filter in the Work Orders ledger so open Manufacture entries can be filtered by location.
  3. Changes to the Manufacture report to support a new “Committed Cost” calculation for Work in Progress tracking.  Supports subtotals by work order for Committed WIP Inventory and Committed Labor WIP/Non-Inventory as well as grand totals for each.
  4. Work Order number field can now be edited in the Purchase Order window.   This helps link Purchase Orders to Work Orders when the PO was not created directly from Work Order but requires a relationship be created.
  5. New “Summary Analysis” version of the IC Consumption report, with flattened export, to better view component commitments to manufacture entries compared to consumption for a specific date range.
  6. Print Work Order forms from the Work Order ledger with CTRL/CMND click support for selecting multiple forms to print at once.

Sales Orders

  1. Major optimization to the load times for data under the Purchase Order and Work Order tabs of the Sales Order window.
  2. New option added to the Picking List report to show the Primary Vendor part number.
  3. Print Sales Order forms from the Sales Order ledger with CTRL/CMND click support for selecting multiple forms to print at once.
  4. Increase the Sales Order Staging list from 7 to 15 customizable options.
  5. Flattened version of Sales Quote Journal Report.

Purchase Orders

  1. Added filters for “Uninvoiced”, customer “Sales Order Number”, and “Location” to the Purchase Order ledger window.
  2. Purchase Order ledger new display columns for “Previously Invoiced”, “Amount Remaining”, and “Job Number”.   New columns can be added to custom view and/or exported to file.
  3. Purchase Order form modified so that the total “Previously Invoiced” and “Amount Remaining” fields can be added to the total section of the form.
  4. Modified the Invoices tab if GST/HST or VAT tax is enabled calculate the Invoice Amount as: (Purchases Total) – (GST/HST/VAT).  Previously the taxes had shows as a variance from the invoiced total.
  5. For Service or Job Costing Companies (Inventory OFF), Purchase Orders are no longer marked as closed until the vendor invoice total equals or exceeds the PO total.   Options to block OR warn if invoices totaling more than the PO total have been entered.

Job Costing

  1. New options to use Timesheet hourly cost rate and/or billing rate from three different sources.   For example, the cost rate can come from the Employee Record while the billing rate could come from the Job Phase record.
  2. Job Number filter added to the Purchase Order ledger.
  3. Enhancements to the job allocation in the “Invoice Purchase Order” window that lets users change job allocations prior to the Purchase Invoice creation.
  4. New “Profit Detail” version of the Open Jobs report.
  5. New “Profit Summary” version of the Open Jobs report.
  6. New “Billing Worksheet” report with new user privilege and spreadsheet export.
  7. New “Hide Hours” option in the Job Profitability Detailed report.

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