CONNECTED 7.3 – NOV 2014

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  1. Customer Query Window
  2. Field Level Security for Customer Service and Sales Reps
  3. Online Payroll Services Integration
  4. Credit Card Payment Processing Enhancements
  5. Customer/Vendor Contacts Ledger
  6. Data Exchange Enhancements
  7. Batch Manufacturing
  8. Reporting Enhancements and Trend Analysis
  9. Named Inventory Locations
  10. Additional Reporting Enhancements
  11. Enhanced Support for EFT Payments
  12. Additional Connected 7.3 Enhancements

Customer Query Window

  1. Powerful new Customer Query window to search, filter, sort, export, and perform quick lookups on customer information
  2. Support and integration with the Customer Advanced Find
  3. Perform quick lookups on balances, YTD Sales, date added, last sale date, and last payment date.
  4. Customize column selection and order
  5. Easy export of search results

Field Level Security for Customer Service and Sales Reps

  1. Customers Window field level security to designate the specific fields a user can edit. For example, allow an edit of a customer address but not their Credit Limit or Status.
  2. Keep customer orders and invoices accurate with new user privileges to optionally block the Selling Price and/or Discount field in the Sales Quotes, Sales Orders, and Account Invoice windows. Both fields can be blocked or just one. This can help keep pricing and/or discounts accurate while also speed up data entry.
  3. New user privilege to block the editing of the item cost on a Credit Memo

Online Payroll Services Integration

  1. New Canadian payroll services integration with TeamPay by ADP. Click here for more information and see how this option could work for your business
  2. New Connected Online Payroll Services for customers in the United States. Click here for more information or to receive a quote and see how this option could work for your business
  3. New flexible payroll import mapping and import interface. Preview import data prior to import execution. Also includes drag and drop file selection.

Credit Card Payment Processing Enhancements

  1. New card processing and merchant support for BluePay Click here for more information
  2. New option to store previously used customer credit cards via a secure PCI token
  3. Add credit card payments directly from the customer order screen for prepays and deposits prior to shipping

Customer/Vendor Contacts Ledger

  1. New Contacts Ledger to view, search, access, and export contacts from either customers or vendors
  2. Like other ledger list screens, columns can be customized and Connected will remember settings even when the application is exited
  3. Integration of powerful Customer and Vendor advanced find search option
  4. Easily export customer or vendor email addresses and other contact information

Data Exchange Enhancements

  1. Import/Export jobs are portable and can be exported and imported across Connected data files
  2. Insert Place holder fields for text and/or dates
  3. Support for date field formatting on export
  4. Support for import of Sales Order import/export
  5. Support for miscellaneous payment imports

Batch Manufacturing

  1. New option for manufactured items to be specified as a batch
  2. When selected, a specific quantity to be manufactured can be specified, along with the exact Bill of Materials to make that quantity

Reporting Enhancements and Trend Analysis

  1. Item Sales History Report has new data range comparison option that allows 4 specific date ranges to be specified to compare sales dollars and quantity sold data. This new option allows trends to be identified year to year, quarter to quarter, or month to month
  2. Item Sales History Report supports new total quantity by month for twelve consecutive periods. Easily see the quantity sold for any 12 month period to help identify sales trends within the year.
  3. Item Sales History Report flattened export version to provide clean data for external spreadsheet analysis.
  4. New Inventory Movement Report “Summary Usage”. See movement quantity metrics in a clean summary format, by date range, with columns for net sales, component withdrawals, net adjustments, PO receivings, and manufactured quantities.
  5. New Inventory Movement Report flattened export version to provide clean data for external spreadsheet analysis.

Named Inventory Locations

  1. New location setup window to name and define locations, replacing location numbering.
  2. View location stock status, by name, in Inventory Items window
  3. Item Information tab showing location stock status added to the Account Invoice window
  4. View location stock status, by name, using the Item Information tab in the Sales Quotes, Sales Orders, and Account Invoice windows. The named locations are also visible in the Inventory Item Advanced Find list window.7-3_inventorylocations

Additional Reporting Enhancements

  1. New “Deposit Summary” version of the Receipts journal to support bank deposits.
  2. Customer Invoice Analysis Report supports new page per rep option to separate each reps sales figures
  3. Sales by Rep report now has option to filter by Customer
  4. Trial Balance Report has new suppress zeros option
  5. Balance Sheet Report had new option to show account numbers

Enhanced Support for EFT Payments

  1. New dedicated tab in Vendors screen for EFT Information
  2. New “test mode” option to help with the testing process when EFT or AHC is being configured to work with your bank

Additional Connected 7.3 Enhancements

  1. Item Information tab now available in the Account Invoice window to show inventory stock levels.
  2. Purchase Orders window supports new discount column.   Column can be enabled or disabled.
  3. Support for the import of a custom component list when a Work Order (Manufacture Request) is created from a customer Sales Order
  4. Vendor List now supports Advanced Find
  5. New Add Payment Action in Sales Order window to quickly add customer deposits and link them to orders
  6. New tab in Sales Order window to display all deposits linked to a Sales Order.  View and or drill into the deposits.
  7. New column in the Item Information tab to show quantity on Work Orders (WO’s) of items to be manufactured.
  8. Seperation of decimal place specification for quantity and price/cost for Sales and Inventory/Purchasing.   Sales related screens can now be set to use a different decimal setting than inventory/purchasing screens.  Previously a single setting was used for all screens.
  9. Changed label from “Manufacturing” to “Bill of Materials” in the Inventory Items window.
  10. Additional support for Mac OS Yosemite

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