CONNECTED 7.2 – NOV 2013

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  1. Information Webinar
  2. Integration with
  3. Connected Data Exchange
  4. Batch Email Customer Statements
  5. Customer Advanced Find
  6. Item Stock Levels in Inventory List
  7. Void Customer Receipts
  8. Edit Custom Sales Fields on Posted Entries
  9. Other Time Saving Features

Information Webinar

Integration with

  1. New integration with payment gateway for accepting credit card payments
  2. Connect your existing merchant account, for example Chayse Paymentech, or create a new one with
  3. Accept payments with different merchant accounts, based on the Bank setup in Connected. For example, USD and CAD currency merchant accounts.
  4. View and verify the live response codes as you process charges
  5. Sign up for a just a payment gateway or both a payment gateway and merchant account today. NOTE: A valid payment gateway is required to use this feature.


Connected Data Exchange

  1. New user friendly interface for the auto import and export of data.
  2. Integrate with third party solutions, such as websites, by automating the import of customer, orders, invoices, and purchase orders.
  3. Update external databases, such as e-commerce website, by automating the export if inventory items, inventory stock levels, customers, and customers sales information.
  4. Define intervals to repeat the data export in minutes, hours, or days.
  5. Choose to export only the customer or inventory records that have been modified since the last export
  6. Use the quick export to test and or export data on demand
  7. Specify export fields in specific order with our field selection tool so that only the data you need is exported
  8. See progress and error logs during the processing
  9. Run multiple import and export jobs at the same time

Batch Email Customer Statements

  1. Generate and email customer statements for hundreds of customers at a time
  2. Choose from any customized statement form layout to be used included as a PDF attachment
  3. Personalize customer statement email messages with customer specific data like account number, contact info, address, and current balance


Customer Advanced Find

  1. New pane in the Customer lookup list window for “Advanced Find”.
  2. Query multiple fields at once with “Starts With”, “Contains”, or “Equals” queries.
  3. Query on multiple fields at once and retain the lookup and search while logged into Connected
  4. Ability to customize results columns and sort the information, by column


Item Stock Levels in Inventory List

New option to display item stock levels for all locations, when using the Inventory Quick or Advanced Find.


Void Customer Receipts

New options to void customer receipts after they have been posted.

Edit Custom Sales Fields on Posted Entries

New user privilege and option to edit the custom sales fields on posted account invoices, credit memos, and customer receipts.

Other Time Saving Features

  1. New Customer and Location filter in the Sales Order ledger screen.
  2. New WO (Work Order) column the locations tab of the inventory screen to show the total of an item to be manufactured.
  3. New user privilege to hide all item cost info in the inventory items and inventory advanced find screens.
  4. Custom Sales Fields added to the AR Receipts and Debit Memo screens.
  5. Better support for Mac OS X managed network configurations.
  6. Ten new custom alpha-numeric fields in the Jobs window.
  7. Customer Record Info button to track customer edits.
  8. Inventory Item Record Info button to track inventory item edits.
  9. Changes to the manufacture “approval” process.
  10. Compatibility with Mac OS X Mavericks (10.9) operating system.

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