Inventory Item Query Power

Sometimes less is more, but when it comes to managing your inventory, having less can mean production or customer orders are delayed because you can’t ship or manufacture more.

Small businesses constantly need to review inventory for restocking, inactive/obsolete parts, or to ensure items are grouped correctly for reporting. Adding multiple locations and production needs, only makes this even more challenging.

With this in mind, Connected 8.2 introduces the powerful new Inventory Item Query window. No matter if you are in Purchasing or Production, this fantastic new feature will make your day easier and more productive.

Show all or part of your item list. Change/customize the columns to show the data that you need.

Inventory Item Query

Filter/Sort/Drill Down
Access common quick filters for item types, status, and restocking points. Just click any column heading to sort by that value and double click to drill down to the Item profile.

Location Quantity Metrics
Knowing inventory quantity metrics by location (virtual or physical) is always important and being able to easily view and customize this information can be critical to identifying action items.

Multi-Tiered Query
Use the Advanced Find to perform multi-tiered queries on any item field.

Take the analysis further by easily exporting results to Microsoft Excel in a clean flattened export format. Your data is ready for Excel magic without any additional formatting to get the data ready.

Store Settings
Views are stored by user preference so different users can have a different view of the same data with the columns and metrics that help the most for their task at hand.

Not only can the Inventory Item Query window do everything listed above, it can also do the following

  • replace many parts of Item List Report
  • replace versions of the Restocking Report
  • view/edit Item Notes without opening Item Screen
  • view Item Record Info
  • pin/unpin Inventory Items without opening Item screen
  • export data to help with mass import updates for large batches of items

Connected 8.2 is just the beginning for the Item Query window and we can’t wait to further expand and improve on its feature set in upcoming releases.

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