Version 6.x Enhancements

Version 6.x Enhancements by Version Release

Version 6.4 June 2011

  • New Customer Order Ledger to view and track all open orders and/or completed orders.  New screen allows sorting, drill down, and custom columns to be specified.
  • New Sales Order custom staging list which allows orders to be classified into types or stages
  • Customer Financial Charges
  • Integration with NRG UPS Pro Software
  • Add a customer payment directly from a customer invoice
  • Enhanced Customer Invoice Analysis report and export options
  • Enhancements to Sales posting that allows filters by invoice type
  • New quick post Receipts
  • Enhancements to Customer Item History Report
  • New shipping address in Credit Memo window
  • Combined Bill To/Ship To tab in the Account Invoices, Credit Memo, and Sales Quotes window that allows adding and/or updating customer shipping addresses on the fly.
  • Option to select different printed invoice forms in the Cash Invoice window
  • Print customer statements directly from Customers window
  • New customer default location
  • Option to check and warn for duplicate customer purchase order numbers
  • Enhancements to the Clone Sales Order action that allow items and quantities to be optionally specified
  • AP Make Payments window now includes both invoice date, due date, and vendor code.
  • New quick post Expense Reports
  • New Void Check action in the AP Checks window
  • New options to specify email subject and message body for the AP Payment Advice form sent from the Checks window
  • New and enhanced Purchase Order record “Info” button
  • New option to update vendor item pricing from purchase order screen
  • Enhancement to the PO Receivings report
  • New option to change vendor and location on purchase orders
  • New and enhanced Manufacturing record “Info” button
  • Lot/Serial number control plugin posting enhancements to include to new tab that shows the lot/serial numbers being posted
  • Enhancements to the Inventory Item list Variance Spreadsheet to include count lines for specific lot/serial numbers
  • Enhancements to the Restocking Report Inventory Stock Analysis spreadsheet to include new columns for quantities on and committed to manufacture work orders
  • New clone JC Estimates
  • New JC Timesheet record “Info” button
  • Enhancements to the Timesheet Transaction report
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Version 6.3 September 2010

  • Enhanced Customer workflow with new Customer “Actions”. We invite you to watch a short movie on these changes
  • Enhanced Vendor workflow with new Vendor “Actions”
  • Support for hyperlink to vendor window in all A/P windows
  • Support for hyperlink to customer window in all A/R windows
  • New Customer Aging and Vendor Aging export options
  • New display in Customers window for “All Open Activity” that shows all open orders, quotes, invoices, and pre-payments by default.
  • New Sales Order “Info” button that tracks the date/time/user for add, each modification, each order action (make PO, make work order), order cancellation, deletion, and each time order is shipped.
  • Added support for selecting from multiple forms in the Credit Memo window
  • Enhanced Checks window with new “Payment Method” option
  • Support for Electronic Prepayment checks
  • New “Order Discount” action in the Sales Order window to quickly discount all lines of an order
  • New search in the Checks window by Electronic Transaction number.
  • New exploded bill of materials in the Manufacture window that has ability to show/hide/commit subassemblies to parent item
  • New ability to create Purchase Orders directly from Manufacture window with support for subassembly when exploded bill of materials is enabled.
  • Enhance PO Receiving window to display the Freight and Duty percentages, per line item as lines are added to PO Receiving.
  • New PO ability, through a new user privilege, to allow changes to be made to the PO receiving Currency rate and the default Freight and Duty percentages per receiving line on a purchase order.
  • Manufacture window loads component items in the order that they were specified under the Manufacturing tab in the Inventory Items window
  • Enhanced PO Receiving posting report that displays receiving currency rate and the line item freight and duty percentages.
  • Posted PO Receiving list shown under the Receivings tab of Purchase Orders window now displays the Exchange, Duty, and Freight percentages for each line.
  • Posted PO Receiving list now supports drill down to corresponding IC Receiving entry created with a PO No hotlink to return to the specific Purchase Order from IC Receivings
  • Support for complete serial number tracking when lot/serial control plugin is enabled
  • Support for Inventory transfers with lot/serial control plugin enabled
  • New option to suppress Sales Order item out of stock warning message
  • New option to show all purchases available, no matter what the due date or scheduled date is, in the Make Payments window
  • Increased the email address field for customer shipping addresses to 50 characters
  • Changes to support new HST for Canadian users
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Version 6.2 December 2009

  • AR Sales Quotes and Sales Orders have new estimated item and order margin fields to display a percentage and dollar value margin for each line item and for the total quote and/or order.
  • Customer, Vendor, Inventory, and Job Analysis codes can be defined and managed in one central window. Each code will support a description and a single analysis code can be used across all areas of the program. Data entry in the Customers, Vendors, Inventory Items, and Jobs window will support analysis code validation and selection from pop-up lists. All corresponding reports support have been enhanced to support the new list selection.
  • Customers Activity Ledger has new "Pending Sales & Receipts" option to display and drill down to pending (unposted) sales and receipts.
  • Ability to edit General Journal account line descriptions.
  • Purchase Orders window has new invoices tab to show related invoices. Drill down ability is supported and a hotlink from the PO Number field in the Purchase Entry window can be used to return to the corresponding PO window.
  • Purchase Order now allows search ability in Custom PO fields 1 and 2.
  • Purchase Order new user privilege to allow PO's with dates in closed periods to be edited.
  • Sales Order new user privilege to allow orders with dates in closed periods to be edited.
  • Bank Reconciliation now has Info button to see which user last reconciled the bank with both the date and time included.
  • Credit Memo's can be created from new Actions menu in the Account Invoice window. Option allows a credit memo to be quickly created that reverses an Account Invoice.
  • Pop-lists can now be set to universally sort by description at start up
  • Customer Contact email address field lengthened to 60 characters
  • Inventory Item Alerts can now be specified by item so that when an item is added to an order the optional alert message can appear.
  • New Lot/Serial number plug-in (add-on module)
  • Sales Order window combined Bill To and Ship To address panes. New option to modify and add new shipping addresses on the fly.
  • Manufacture user privilege to enable or disable the ability to modify bill of materials on the fly
  • New United Kingdom option the Company Setup to enable UK settings for date format and VAT tax.
  • Inventory Movement ledger now displays the Customer and/or Vendor name in the line item description. Allows easy sorting by customer or vendor.
  • Price matrix import option
  • Purchase Order receiving now shows the expected date for each line on the PO when doing a receiving. Helpful for blanket PO's that use the same item over different dates
  • AR Receipt discounts general ledger account can now be specified separately from sales discounts.
  • Customer List Report has new selection option for city and state/province.
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Version 6.1 April 2009

  • Connected Navigator replaces Connected tool bar. New easy to use navigation to open all screens, reports, and posting windows.
  • My Places fast key configuration. Configure up to 25 fast key options to open screens, reports, and posting windows. Specific to user login so each user can have their own custom key combos.
  • New screen icons in all windows.
  • "Record Info" button in all screens that create an accounting distribution. Click record info to see the user that added, last edited, and posted an entry.
  • Changes to Item Sales History report to all subtotals by item analysis code and the display of a new discount column
  • Search ability for custom sales fields 1 and 2.
  • New Quick Post Timesheets option.
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Version 6.05 October 2008

  • Go cross-platform. All purchases of version 6 will receive both the Mac and Windows versions. Licenses can be used in any combination of platforms. System and server requirements should be reviewed prior to implementing.
  • Eleven custom sales fields added to the Account Invoice, Sales Order, and Sales Quote screen. The new fields can be labeled, support data entry, and can be added to your printed forms. There are six alpha-numeric, two numeric, two date, and one comment field. Data in the fields is also transferred from Quote to Order to Invoice.
  • Window size. Many of the Connected windows have been resized to display more description for line items and comments, making more text visible.
  • Window Appearance on Mac OS has been enhanced. Tab's within windows are now displayed consistently with other Mac OS windows. Entry screens, such as an Account Invoice, now have alternating white and blue lines in the background making information easier to read on screen.
  • A/R Item Sales History Report has two new subtotal options for Sales Rep and Primary Vendor. Easily find out how much a rep has sold for a date range or how much you have sold of a particular vendor's product.
  • Vendor Invoice Number in the Purchases screen has been increased from 10 characters to 20 characters to support long vendor invoice numbers.
  • Eleven custom purchase order fields have been added to the Purchase Orders window. The new fields can be labeled, support data entry, and can be added to your printed forms. There are six alpha-numeric, two numeric, two date, and one comment field.
  • Sales Order window has a new Purchase Orders tab to see a listing of all related purchase orders. The new tab allows you to print a purchase order, drill down and open a purchase order, and see the expected date of each purchase order line item.
  • Purchase Order window hotlink to Order Number. The "Order No" field, that typically represents a customer's order number has been made a hotlink so you can easily click and open a customers order.
  • Purchase Order window now supports a Quick Post for PO Receiving's. Enter and post your receiving and use the Sales Order hotlink to return to your customers order and commit the applicable inventory.
  • The Estimates window in the Job Costing module also supports the eleven new custom sales fields. The new fields can be labeled, support data entry, and can be added to your printed form. There are six alpha-numeric, two numeric, two date, and one comment field.
  • Create an Estimate from a Job that already exists. In past versions, an estimate could only be used to create a job. Now jobs can be setup and have time and other costs allocated before an estimate is created.
  • Block Timesheet Entry from specific job phases
  • Changes to the default Estimate form template to have a fixed header on the form.
  • Print Orientation and Scaling on Mac OS now uses the proper Page Setup window. In previous versions, a Paper Settings window had to be enabled to control this functionality due to conflicts with OS 10.5.
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