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Connected Core Accounting offers powerful accounting features to manage your small business for one low price.

Connected Enterprise Accounting offers a complete set of tools to manage all aspects of your growing small business in a multi-user environment.

  • General Ledger

    The General Ledger maintains up to 18 "open" periods allowing a flexible closing at year end. Income Statements can be generated by profit center, by department, or by both profit center and department. Comparisons of actual to budget and previous year figures are also available. Recurring, reversing, and template journals make repetitive journal entries less time consuming. Connected records a complete electronic audit trail and also retains a thorough account history. The optional Consolidation Solution Plugin turns the laborious task of cross company financial reporting into a simple general ledger merge of multiple company files.

    Key features of the General Ledger

    • Reversing, Recurring, and/or Template entries
    • Allows sub-grouping of accounts together to consolidate financial reports
    • Full bank reconciliation
    • Export financial data to spreadsheets
    • Drill down capability
    • Bank adjustments
    • Budget figures per account

    Report features in the General Ledger

    • Chart of Accounts
    • Journal Entry List
    • Detailed/Summary Trial Balance
    • Balance Sheet
    • Income Statement
    • Bank Reconciliation
    • Cash Flow Analysis
    • Trial Balance Worksheet
  • Accounts Receivable

    The Accounts Receivable provides invoicing, credit and debit memos, receipts, plus open item customer receivables. An on-line collections screen, and item sales history window, empower you to manage your business at maximum effectiveness and efficiency. Connected also provides multi-level taxation, multiple ship-to addresses, service or part-based invoices, customer specific pricing, and fully customizable G/L distribution.

    Key features of Accounts Receivable

    • Keep multiple years of complete quote, order, invoice and payment history
    • Credit limits and multiple shipping addresses per customer
    • E-mail invoices, order confirmations, and quotations
    • Ten custom sales fields on quotes, orders, and invoices.
    • Ten custom fields on each customer record
    • Customize and use multiple quote, invoice, and order forms
    • Credit and debit memos can be easily created and allocated
    • Collection features include a hot list and notes per customer
    • Multiple level taxation support
    • Allocate profit centres to customers or invoices
    • Large "description area" for invoicing of service or inventory items
    • Data can be easily exported to spreadsheets with link to MS Excel
    • Selling of service and parts on same invoice
    • Cash invoices for existing one time customers
    • Customers "on hold" option
    • Purchase order required option per customer
    • Analysis code per customer to categorize for reporting
    • Collections window
    • Down payments
    • Partial and short payments
    • Discount option for early payment
    • Commissions by rep or rep group
    • Generic invoice comments & dunning messages
    • Invoice discounts by dollar amount or percent

    Report features in Accounts Receivable

    • Detailed / Summary Sales Journal
    • Customer Sales History
    • Customer Invoice Analysis
    • Item Sales History
    • Detailed / Summary Receipts Journal
    • Customer statements, lists, and collection notes
    • Customer aging and credit limit analysis
    • Sales representatives sales analysis
    • Customer item sales history
    • Items purchased by customer
    • Sales Tax Summary

    All Connected Reports can be sent to screen, printer, pdf, text file, spreadsheet, and Mac OS Preview.

  • Accounts Payable

    The Accounts Payable facilitates effective cash flow management by allowing selection of payments by either due date or user-defined dates. You can also select payments via a priority code. Other features include check writing from multiple banks, recurring purchases, and check printing. When checks are voided, the associated purchases are automatically re-established. Selected vendors, even a particular purchase, may be placed on "payment hold", preventing the associated check from being issued.

    Key features of Accounts Payable

    • Expense reports for credit cards, mileage, or out of pocket expenses
    • Issue Electronic payments and easily email vendors payment advices
    • Selected vendors or individual purchases can be place "on hold"
    • Automatic or manual check writing from multiple bank accounts
    • Automatic check printing
    • Recurring and/or template Purchases
    • Easily void checks
    • Credit notes from vendors
    • Payment by due date or scheduled date
    • Flexible aging periods
    • Automatic discount option
    • Default expense codes per vendor
    • Analysis code per vendor to categorize for reporting
    • Purchase Orders
    • Link vendor invoices to purchase orders

    Report features in Accounts Payable

    • Detailed / Summary Purchases Journal
    • Disbursements Journal
    • Vendor Aging
    • Vendor lists and labels
    • Vendor Purchase History
    • Cash Requirements
    • Check Register

    All Connected Reports can be sent to screen, printer, pdf, text file, spreadsheet, and Mac OS Preview.

  • Inventory Control

    Connected's Inventory Control module gives your company powerful tools that include multi-level manufacturing, optional lot/serial control, customer quotes, customer orders, purchase orders, as well as full featured multi-location inventory control. This module is great for wholesale, distribution, importing, and light manufacturing companies.

    Key features of Inventory Control

    • Perpetual inventory levels for on hand, on customer order, on purchase order, and committed inventory
    • Interface with sales orders, invoices, credit memos, purchase orders
    • Multiple locations (up to 99)
    • 5 price levels, with quantity discount breaks and custom discount options
    • Manufacturing allows you to customize bill of materials on the fly for parts, descriptions, and quantities used
    • Create Manufacture requests directly from customer orders
    • Create Purchase Orders directly from Manufacture Requests
    • FIFO or Average costing
    • Lead time per item
    • Minimum and reorder quantities per item for restocking
    • Up to five decimal places for quantity
    • Analysis code per item to categorize for reporting
    • Price Matrix for volume discounting and percantage price levels
    • Custom Price Table for customer specific pricing
    • Multiple shipments per order with full backorder tracking
    • View past shipments and re-print packing slips and invoices from Sales Order
    • E-mail order confirmations
    • Multiple Recevings per purchase order
    • Multiple vendor invoices per purchase order that are matched to one or many packing slips

    Reports included with Inventory Control

    • Inventory Valuation (count sheet and variance spreadsheet)
    • Price List
    • Item Sales History
    • Item Sales Analysis
    • Movement History
    • Restocking
    • Material Requirements Planning (MRP)
    • Production
    • Manufacturing
    • Demand

    Sales Order Reports

    • Sales Order Journal
    • Incomplete Orders
    • Picking List
    • Packing Slips
    • Shipping Labels
    • Purchase Order Reports
    • Purchase Order Journal
    • Buyers Report
    • Expected Shipments
    • Overdue Shipments
    • Receivings

    All Connected Reports can be sent to screen, printer, pdf, text file, spreadsheet, and Mac OS Preview.

  • Job Costing

    Connected's Job Costing module will provide your company with powerful tools for job tracking, timesheet entry, estimating, and work in progress management. The ability to work on both Mac and PC platforms simultaneously makes this module perfect for companies that have administrative staff using PC's and creative staff use Mac's.

    Key features of Job Costing

    • Revenue allocations from Invoices, Credit Memos, Debit Memos, Sales Orders, Adjustments, and Journal Entries
    • Cost allocations from Purchases, Disbursements, Inventory, Manufacturing, Timesheets, Purchase Orders, Expense Reports, and Journal Entries
    • Hide costs and billing rates for employee timesheet entry or allow cost and billing rates to be edited for each line of timesheet entry
    • Create customer invoices directly from Estimate and use a percentage
    • Create and track estimate revisions with job budget update capability by appending or overwriting existing budgets
    • WIP (work in progress) Manager to bill and/or unbill job cost details
    • Actual costs from vendor bills automatically update jobs, while uninvoiced Purchase Orders show as cost accruals

    Reports in Job Costing

    • Detailed / Summary Job Profitability with Budget comparison
    • Back Dated WIP (Work in Progress)
    • Timesheet Transactions
    • Gross Margin by Job
    • Estimate Details with option to show Revisions
    • Job List
    • Back Dated Open Jobs

    All Connected Reports can be sent to screen, printer, pdf, text file, spreadsheet, and Mac OS Preview.