Core Accounting

Connected Core Accounting is designed for small businesses that need a complete accounting solution.  Available on both Mac and PC platforms,  our core program offers everything you would expect from an accounting application for one low price.  Manage your financials, accounts receivable, and accounts payable functions.

If you are a small business looking for an auditable accounting solution but don't require inventory management or job costing, then Connected Core Accounting may be right for you.

Prices for Connected Core Accounting start at $499.

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Core Accounting Screens:

  Core Accounting: General Ledger     Core Accounting: Accounts Receivable     Core Accounting: Accounts Payable


Core Accounting Reports:

  1. Income Statement
  2. Balance Sheet
  3. Chart of Accounts
  4. Trial Balance
  5. Cash Flow
  6. Journal Entries
  7. Customer List
  8. Customer Statements
  9. Customer Aging
  10. Customer Sales History
  11. Customer Invoice Analysis
  12. Sales Journal
  13. Sales Tax Summary
  14. Item Sales History
  15. Sales Rep List
  16. Sales by Rep
  17. Receipts Journal
  18. Inventory Item List
  19. Vendor List
  20. Vendor Aging
  21. Vendor Purchase History
  22. Purchase Journal
  23. On Hold Journal
  24. Payment Advice
  25. Disbursements Journal
  26. Expense Reports
  27. Purchase Orders
  28. Purchase Order Journal
  29. Cash Requirements
  30. 1099 Report and Forms