Dec 18, 2012

Mac Businesses Save Time with the Latest Connected Accounting and ERP Release

New accounting software update for Mac and PC includes practical automation feature for growing small businesses.

December 17, 2012 (Toronto, ON) – Accountek Solutions Inc., a leader in the Mac accounting software industry for over 20 years, announced today the release of its latest version of Connected Accounting and ERP software, version 7.1, including new features that improve business processes with practical automation solutions.

“This release of Connected is a big one for us”, says Scott Archer, Director of Product Development. “We don’t just think about accounting software but more importantly, what steps are required to complete the many daily processes within a business. By understanding our customer’s needs from this perspective we are able to develop features that result in real productivity improvements.”

Connected users agree; “I absolutely love the upgrade”, says Randy Sreden, President & CEO, TLC Lamp, Inc. “Being a small business, it saves me a tremendous amount of valuable time”.

Some of the advancements in Connected Accounting & ERP version 7.1 designed to reduce the time spent on typical business tasks include:

  • New Expense Report Import enables customers to minimize the task of managing expense reports. Employees enter their expense reports using any iOS or cloud-based application that allows a customized export to be created. The expense details can then be easily imported and viewed in Connected’s Expense Reports window.
  • The ability to transfer data into Connected with the Auto Import function solves the problem of getting transactions from external sources into the accounting system without manual procedures. Critical details, such as Customer information, Invoices/Credit Memos or Purchase Orders that have been created outside the accounting system by remote employees or databases, are transferred seamlessly to Connected.
  • Customizable label forms for printing inventory item labels, including bar code fonts, lets the receiving department print labels with lot and serial numbers, while processing the incoming shipment. This new print feature is highly beneficial for inventory based companies whose goods are purchased from offshore with labels displayed in a foreign language or have limited information 

Connected version 7.1 continued:

Vendor Electronic Payment enhancements that include the option to auto number EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer) transactions and export EFT transactions to financial institutions for disbursement to vendors. Connected simplifies the transition to cost effective electronic payments by enabling users to email payment advices to their suppliers with the full invoice settlement details, either individually or as a batch.

Additional features included in the version 7.1 release can be found at:

About Accountek Solutions, Inc.

Accountek Solutions provides dynamic accounting solutions designed for growing small businesses. Founded in 1991, the company’s primary focus is Connected Accounting & ERP, a cross platform accounting system that can be shared concurrently by Mac OS and PC users to manage the financial reporting, inventory, job costing, consolidation and multi-currency requirements of their customers.