Jan 17, 2012

Connected Accounting and ERP Solves Daily Challenges for Mac Business

Connected 7.0 accessibility enhancements improves collaboration for small and mid-sized businesses

January 17, 2012 (Toronto, ON) – Accountek Solutions Inc., a leader in the Mac business accounting software industry for over 20 years, announced today the release of its latest version of Connected Accounting & ERP software, version 7.0, including advanced features that  focus on access to information and improving collaboration between teams.

“The version 7.0 release of Connected Accounting & ERP enables businesses to move one step closer to a paperless office while also realizing significant improvements in time spent accessing, sharing and generating information,” says Scott Archer, Director of Product Development. “We believe that customers should spend their valuable time managing their business, not their accounting software. Both our Inventory-based and Service-based users will find something to love in the new features.”   

Some of the advancements in Connected Accounting & ERP version 7.0 that were designed to improve the customer experience are:

  • The ability to attach/link any file type, of any size, to virtually every screen in Connected using the Notes function. With no limit on the number of attachments or file types, users have the flexibility to organize the electronic versions of important documents such as signed contracts or quotations, in the way that suits their needs best, within their accounting system. All files are linked to the entry and copied to a central location on the server, providing visibility to all departments including sales, service and support.
  • New ledger screens for customer orders, vendor purchase orders, and manufacture/work orders. Each screen allows custom columns and settings to be selected, by user. Front line staff can now easily track open and/or completed orders, drill down to an order and take action immediately to resolve customer, vendor or production issues, all from one screen.
  • The Batch Emailing and Batch Printing to PDF features enable users to manage large groups quickly and efficiently. From one screen, customer invoices can be generated, previewed and then emailed directly to the Accounts Payable contact, eliminating the need for paper invoices, envelopes and stamps.  
  • Additional features included in the version 7.0 release can be found at: www.accountek.com/products/c7  

Connected 7 will be on display at the Macworld Expo from January 26-28th in San Francisco at the Moscone Center.


About Accountek Solutions, Inc.

Accountek Solutions provides dynamic accounting solutions designed for growing small businesses. Founded in 1991, the company’s primary focus is Connected Accounting & ERP, a cross platform accounting system that can be shared concurrently by Mac OS and PC users to manage the financial reporting, inventory, job costing, consolidation and multi-currency requirements of their customers.