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Dec 4, 2014

Customer Data Mining with the Connected Accounting and ERP Software

The new “Customer Query” window makes customer data mining easier than ever in the upcoming release of our premium Mac and PC Accounting and ERP Software.

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As a business owner, decision maker, or person working within the accounting department, have you ever needed or been asked for the following requests for quick information?

“Can we see a list of all the customers that have current balances over $1,000?” (Accounting/Customer Service)

“How many customers do we have located in the state of California in the city of San Francisco?   We are doing a local event and want to invite them.”  (Marketing/Sales)

Which Customers haven’t purchased anything in the last six months?  We want our reps to touch base with customers who have not purchased recently." (Marketing/Sales)

“Which customers spent over $100,000 this this year?  We are sending a special gift out to our largest accounts.” (Marketing/Sales/Accounting)

These are common examples of information requests that we here from Connected users on a regular basis.   In the past, a report would be needed or custom data export to get this type of specific information.  As always, we want to make access to your customer information as easy as possible, hence the arrival of the new Customer Query window, available in Connected 7.3.  The Customer Query window will make retrieving customer specific information quick, intuitive, and easier then ever before. 

How does it work?

Quick Lookups

Use the preset quick views to query data on customer balances, last payment, last invoice/sale, or when customers were added.

Customer Query: Quick Lookup

Customize Display Columns

Change the column display to show the data that you need.   These settings will be saved and unique to your user ID so that others can use the customer query with a different saved view.    Use the “Start Over” Action to quickly reset the view to the default.


Power of the Advanced Find

Dive deeper and find customers with the power of our Advanced Find allowing multi-tiered query precision to help filter down large customer lists with the specific results you are looking for.


Sort, Drill Down, or Export Results

Sort the data by clicking the column you wish to sort by.   Drill down into any customer listed by double clicking, while maintain the current lookup and window position.  Quickly export the results to text file or spreadsheet.

The Connected Customer Query window is now available in current Connected 7.3 release